The Achievement Gap In Mathematics

The achievement gap in mathematics performance within the district determined the reason for proposed changes in the mathematics curriculum. A district-mandated planned/designed curriculum (textbook) may be the answer if the textbook is designed to meet the needs of the teachers to reach the maximum number of students since the previous mathematical instruction did not according to the state test. A new curriculum that promotes teaching and learning computation skills, explanations and proofs, real-life applications and problems solving in mathematics is welcomed in my classroom.
The purposed new curriculum focuses on the students gaining a better understanding of mathematical concepts. The new curriculum focuses on engaging students in doing
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Molly and her committee face problems associated with the teachers’ lack of motivation for professional development days due to their view and experiences of professional days as having a minimal impact on their responsibility within the classroom during the work day. It seems that the teachers’ experiences with profession development within the district are regarded as meaningless and wasteful (hence the absenteeism).
The professional development chosen by Molly and her committee was not well planned or supported. The activities did not coincide with the book or video the speaker presented. So, another professional development experience was not considered to be valuable to the teachers. It seems that the professional development presented in the district perhaps due to the budget ($1,000) does not address the needs of the district as a whole. Maybe Molly is unable to get a presentation that involves a choice of various, highly regarded presenters to come to the district. The location of the professional development was not conducive place for learning. It took place in an environment that teachers can zone out (movie, lecture and sitting for far too long). It did not invite the teachers into debates or discussions. Although, Molly has a committee of teachers who get information and ideas from the district, she could not please everyone. There are too
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There could be different types of information given, and the staff could learn from different instructors on different topics. This would be an on- going professional development program since there are many facets associated with special education (behaviorist, LCD, speech therapist, counselors, etc). A special education professional can define processes and activities to enhance knowledge, skills and attitudes of all teachers in the district so they could improve student learning within their classroom. They could involve teachers in learning how to redesign their educational plans and structure in their classroom based on curriculum and instructional strategies that affect student learning as well as student’s ability to learn. They could generate new knowledge to the profession. The professional day would provide teachers with a better understanding of addressing different leveled students within the classroom (differentiated instruction and assessment). The professional development would include information that supports teachers with a sense of need implementing these measures in the classroom. It gives answers to questions regarding instruction

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