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  • Reflection On The 2013 Advanced Competency Assessment For A Mathematics Specialist

    Having already earned my Bachelor 's degree in Mathematics and Masters of Education Degree, I felt the Lord leading me to a Mathematics Specialist certification. I am open to any opportunity that the Lord would have me go. I feel honored to have found Liberty’s online program in this area. The 2013 Advanced Competency Assessment for a Mathematics Specialist includes thirteen standards of competencies for the mathematics teacher. Each standard is weighted as Met: distinguished, advanced,…

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  • Personal Statement: Ph. D. In Applied Mathematics

    Engineering Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics Degree Objective: Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics Mathematics and violin are the only two things could make me feel peaceful. I don’t want to say how much I love mathematics or how hard I have worked in order for the university to offer me the admission. It is a little hectic to exaggerate a discipline you aim to research. How about just say something about myself and my understanding of mathematics? Mathematics seems ambiguous to many…

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  • I Learned To Study Mathematics Using Only Japanese In School

    (In my lab) Sometimes it is hard to explain my idea because I studied math using only Japanese in school. Although I tried to learn English math words before coming to the U.S, explaining complicated things in a foreign language is not easy. However, I was relieved that minor English mistakes are not problems because my mentor listens to me patiently. Once I come back to Japan, I would like to continue to study more so that I will be able to explain my idea using math words smoothly. On the…

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  • P Vs. NP Problem: The Greatest Unsolved Problem In Mathematics And Computer Science

    Abstract— The P vs NP problem is still one of the greatest unsolved problem in Mathematics and computer Science. This survey paper is intended to explain what P vs NP problem is and what are the advances that have been made to solve this problem and How closer are we to solve this problem and what is its status i.e. Is P = NP? Keywords— Polynomial, Non - Determinsitic, P, NP, NPC Reductions, Reducibility, Reductions, certificate, complexity I. INTRODUCTION What is P vs NP? Why it is important to…

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  • The Three Main Branches Of Study: Operational Research, Statistics And Mathematics

    There are three main branches of study under the umbrella of mathematics including, operational research, statistics and mathematics itself. Operational research (OR) is also known as management science and focuses on the analysis of decision-making processes - especially in large companies or the military. Well-known areas include the analysis of voting systems or game theory. Statistics is driven by real-world problems, mostly issues that can’t be broken down into simpler parts and…

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  • Explain How Well Can Engineering Mathematics Be Applied To Improve The Effectiveness Of Wind Power

    Yu Chen DATE: 22/3/2015 How well can Engineering mathematics be applied to improve the effectiveness of wind power 14 March 2015 Introduction Wind power can be produced by air flow turning…

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  • Importance Of Mathematics In Mathematics

    In this modern technological world mathematics plays a vital role and has a peculiar stamp. Mathematics is essential for the progress of the modern world. There is a necessity to develop positive attitude towards Mathematics from their childhood. Mathematical knowledge…

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  • Mathematics Circles

    Mathematics circles are professional development communities of 15-20 mathematics teachers and professors who meet regularly to work on multiple solution connecting tasks problems. According to the organization, being an active participant in a circle provides a powerful way to bridge a traditional educational divide as well as an opportunity for teachers to enrich their own experience of mathematics and for professors to share their enjoyment of mathematics while learning more about K-12…

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  • The Importance Of Mathematics

    daily and may be all the time, from paying for bills to sometimes thank someone for their services. Mathematics is the very nucleus of the puzzle of life. The man has been trying to find the pieces of this puzzle since evolution started and mankind was born. Mathematics has been proven a key to most of the secret phenomena that we take for granted today. The question that arises is, is mathematics only a subject for naturally gifted aptitude for it? The simple answer to this question is no! …

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  • Women's Role In Underrepresentation Of Women In STEM?

    practical courses, especially in science and mathematics. As a secondary school student, subjects requiring many calculations and experiments seemed very exciting for me, for instance, math, physics, trigonometry, geometry, and so forth. In contrast, most female pupils were seemingly interested in humanity, literature, and social fields, for most of them did not have the means to flourish their talent in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects and existence of many…

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