Explain How Well Can Engineering Mathematics Be Applied To Improve The Effectiveness Of Wind Power

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How well can Engineering mathematics be applied to improve the effectiveness of wind power
14 March 2015 Introduction
Wind power can be produced by air flow turning
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The principle of wind power generation is using wind power to drive the windmill blades rotating, again through the growth machine will increase the speed of rotation, to make generator to produce electricity. Engineering mathematics was used here to set up a simple model finding the relationship between the air force and the windmill blades. By using this model, people can work out the best specification of the windmill blades that can produce more electricity. However, due to the real-life problem, there are several factors that can influence the transition such as the instability of the air flow and the instability of the electricity. These instability will change the frequency of the power and affect the use of transferring and the directly use of the energy. Mathematical model can not solve all the problems to achieve the application of wind power by itself. According to Daniel Halladay and John Burnham, who started the U.S. Wind Engine Company and build the Halladay Windmill for the landscape of the American West to produce the wind power, they considered a lot of factors that would influence the wind energy rather than only the mathematical part. Therefore, mathematical model is only part of the solution that can help the feasibility of …show more content…
Although today’s generator is high technical and combine several components such as the partial of full-scale power converter , turbine generator and collector system, which used a lot of high knowledge about the electronics and mechanicals , engineering mathematics also takes a great part to set up a very good model to combine these combinations.(Ming,Yin,2014) According to the aerodynamics, air power is equal to one half of the product of the air density, the sweep area of the air fan, the cube wind speed and the use ratio of the wind power over the dynamic energy. Scientists use these sources to set up a simple but rational math model by using high order polynomial and transcendental function to simulate different generator and find the most useful composition of the fiscal stimulus.(Hua,Geng,2010) However, transmission systems operators will supply a wind farm developer with a grid code to specify the requirements for interconnection to the transmission grid. This will include power reason, constancy of frequency and dynamic behavior of the wind farm turbines during a system fault. (Demo, 2005). Therefore, engineering mathematics is well used to transfer the wind power to the mechanical or electrical energy. Its solution is closed to the real world problems rather than any ideal disciplines. However it also

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