The Three Main Branches Of Study: Operational Research, Statistics And Mathematics

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There are three main branches of study under the umbrella of mathematics including, operational research, statistics and mathematics itself.
Operational research (OR) is also known as management science and focuses on the analysis of decision-making processes - especially in large companies or the military. Well-known areas include the analysis of voting systems or game theory.
Statistics is driven by real-world problems, mostly issues that can’t be broken down into simpler parts and statisticians can make difficult decisions by carefully examining data. Statistics, as an example, allows the effectiveness of a product, or a new drug, or the predictions of flooding easier to determine.
Mathematics is at the heart of the world that we know,
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How will I be assessed?
These subject areas are usually taught - meaning it is through coursework, essays, examinations and presentations.
What skills will I learn from studying Mathematics?
This type of course will equip individuals with a range of critical thinking abilities, logical thinking and design and analyse skills. Communication skills will be established as well as problem-solving and assessing risk.
Students who attend university gain skills in organisation and time-management through the completion of coursework and working towards a deadline, as well as social skills through group work and presentations.
Also, mathematics, statistics and OR develop skills in numeracy and the ability to present complex and technical ideas, whether it be in writing or verbally. These skills will aid graduates in mathematical sciences after obtaining their degree.
Why study Mathematics?
Maths can be a satisfying subject to study as there is always a right answer to find! It is perfect for those who are naturally talented at solving puzzles, working through problems, and like to apply logical

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