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  • Romanticism In Stephen Crane's Maggie A Girl Of The Streets

    Stephen Crane characterized the characters of the novel through their actions and interactions with other characters during the story. Such as Jimmie, from the opening scene it was obvious he was violent and did not care much for rules and even his own safety. In the opening fight scene Stephen Crane wrote,“In the yells of the whirling mob of Devil’s Row children there were notes of joy like songs of triumphant savagery. The little boys seemed to leer gloatingly at the blood upon the other child’s face”(4). This quote shows that Jimmie was a violent fighter who was almost animal-like in his viciousness. Mary is also characterized in the same way and her negative traits, habits, and attitudes are shown throughout the book. When Maggie broke her plate Stephen Crane writes,“The fervent red of her face turned almost to purple. The little boy ran to the halls, shrieking like a monk in an earthquake”(10), to show Mary’s temper and alcohol abuse problem. Maggie and Pete are characterized in a slightly different way than Jimmie and Mary. Maggie and Pete are characterized throughout their relationship they have during the story. The quote,“Maggie came to him, the anxious look disappearing from her face and a smile wreathing her lips. “Oh, Pete—,” she began brightly. The bartender made a violent gesture of impatience. “Oh, my Gawd,” cried he, vehemently. “What deh hell do yeh wanna hang aroun’ here fer? Do yeh wanna git me inteh trouble?” he demanded with an air of injury. Astonishment…

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  • Essay On Marian Apparition

    Mary’s Earthly Apparitions Besides the four Marian Dogmas of the Catholic Church, Mary has inspired the lives of millions of people across the world. Mary is the Church’s leading intercessor for prayer, and she considered to be the patroness of humanity. Something truly miraculous that Catholic’s believe in regarding Mary is Marian apparitions. A Marian apparition is a supernatural appearance of the Blessed Mother Mary here on earth. The three most famous accounts of Marian apparitions occurred…

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  • Marianismo And Hembrismo Analysis

    When discussing portrayals of what defines true womanhood some begin the conversation with the commonly gender specifics terms which are called Marianismo and Hembrismo (Greer; Asencio). Scholars have defined Marianismo as “derived from the Catholic belief in the Virgin Mary—ascribes superior morality and spirituality to the Latina woman, who is considered able to endure suffering more than men. Her traditional femininity is portrayed as submissive, religious, modest, and humble, and a woman who…

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  • Portraits In Colonial Peru

    overlooking a park. While the furniture and tiling help to show Doñ Mariana’s wealth and importance, the other elements help to paint a more clear picture of who she really was. The red curtain and the shield with her name displays her Spanish heritage and connection to nobility. The park that the window over looks is called the Plaza de Acho and in the background is also the Archway of Paseo de Aguas. This depiction of these parks are included to show that Doñ Mariana’s family dedication to the…

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  • Luz Calvo's Our Lady Of Controversy

    The book “Our Lady of Controversy” edited by Alicia Gaspar de Alba and Alma Lopez addresses many prevalent issues that were raised when Queer Chicana artist Alma Lopez showcased her reinterpretation of the iconic archetype of La Virgen de Guadalupe at the museum of International Folk Art in 2001 CyberArte. The book consist of short essays from scholars that analyzed the controversy through the context of religion, feminism, art and censorship, colonialism, queer theory, and Chicanx history.…

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  • Alan Turing

    working things out. He invented the idea that of the ‘universal machine’ that would be able to decode or solve any set of problems. Later that, Turing moved to Princeton University to study for a PH. D in mathematical logic. Code Breaking: In 1938, Turing joined the Government Code and Cypher School and when the outbreak of war happened with Germany in September 1939, they moved headquarters to Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire. A few weeks beforehand, the Polish government had given France and…

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  • Walt Disney And Robin Hood Similarities

    Hiss and the sheriff. In Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Sheriff George of Nottingham and his cousin, were the main antagonists of the movie. Prince John was never shown in the live movie, either. In Robin Hood Disney movie, by Walt Disney, the movie showed the Prince John, Hiss, and the sheriff in jail and the narrator said, “I thought we never get rid of those two rascals” (Disney, 1973). The antagonists, of the Disney Robin Hood movie, got put in jail. In the movie, Robin Hood Prince of…

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  • The Cult Of The Virgin Mary

    Of late, the Virgin Mary has become somewhat fashionable in academic circles. This prominence reflects her long-lasting cultural impact as an international spiritual and historic figure. Miri Rubin's recent magnum opus Mother of God: A History of the Virgin Mary provides a much needed global examination of the cultural significance of the Virgin Mary over the longue duree. On a more localised level, Bridget Heal's The Cult of the Virgin Mary in Early Modern Germany and the book under review…

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  • Scholarly Approach To A Scholarly Approach

    continues to flourish in this diverse and changing world. With this large field Hinduism, Clooney narrows his focus when doing theology with Hindu traditions by focusing on Sanskrit Tamil texts. “Learning to See” One of Clooney’s comparative practices with Hindu traditions is the encounter between Hindu Goddesses and the Virgin Mary through the hymns of the two traditions. Clooney gains a great “path of transformative vision,” in which he writes, “The Saundarya Lahari [praising Goddess…

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  • Governor Velasquez Analysis

    the contrary was not the author. There would be five letters written back to the King of Spain, only four could be proved to be from the Conquistador himself Cortes. The first notation in writing in the first letter to Charles V describing the “New Mexico,” so predominately claimed was accomplished by a third party. Allegiance to the Spanish Crown never left the sight of the Cortés. His dynamic as the expedition developed became solely an independent mission, on behalf of the King of Spain. …

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