Marie Antoinette

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  • Marie Antoinette Quotes

    According to Brainy Quote (2015), Marie Antoinette said, “’No one understands my ills, nor the terror that fills my breast, who does not know the heart of a mother’”. This quote conveys the end of her lifetime and the struggles she combatted. Now, flashing back to the beginning of her time and taking a journey through the life of Marie Antoinette. This fine young lady experienced an eventful childhood, time as the Queen of France, and had a tragic end to her life. The royal Marie Antoinette, originally Maria Antonia, was welcomed to this world on the second day of November 1755 in Vienna, Austria. (Fact Monster, 2015) This day marks when it all began. She was born into a wealthy family and received education in religion and moral values.…

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  • Analysis Of Marie Antoinette

    Marie Antoinette, a name synonymous with extravagance and luxury, yet also with massive debt. The former Princess of Austria become Queen of France, was famously known to her subjects as Madame Deficit for her lavish lifestyle and wasteful spending. Her depiction in the movie Marie Antoinette is one of many varying portrayals of The Queen of France and analyzed through the overall summary of the film, the setting, and the accuracy of the information. To begin, the overall summary of Marie…

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  • Marie Antoinette The Movie: Accurate Or Not?

    Marie Antoinette the Movie: Accurate or Not? The Hollywood rendition of the life of Marie Antoinette was not historically accurate. The minor details and the major plot supporters were embellished for entertainment reasons causing the viewer to lose sight of the importance of her in the French Revolution. Although Marie Antoinette was visually attractive and fascinating to the eye, it was not accurate due to the addition and loss of certain aspects of her life. Considering Marie Antoinette was…

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  • Marie Antoinette Movie Analysis

    Marie Antoinette The movie that I chose for my 3rd quarter project is Marie Antoinette, based on the life of, you guessed it, Queen Marie Antoinette of France. The movie is set during the beginning of Marie’s marriage to Dauphin Louis XVI and the dawn of the French Revolution (1768-1789). The most notable events that took place during that time period were the end of the 7 Years war, The American Revolution, and of course the French Revolution. The movie starts in Austria at 1768 with Marie…

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  • Marie Antoinette Research Paper

    INTRODUCTION This paper is about Marie Antoinette being au courant. Marie Antoinette, a former princess of Austria who was transformed into an extravagant French queen. Her destiny was to marry Louis-Auguste at the age of fourteen after which she ruled France and learned to fashion herself; thus, spending too much. However, she never troubled to ask or wonder who was paying for the luxuries she took for granted. She was a scapegoat. People blamed her for being extravagant, and yes she was. This…

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  • Marie Antoinette The Wicked Queen

    “Let them eat cake,” is part of a line that many assume was uttered by Marie Antoinette, Queen of France. This portrayal of Marie Antoinette is a far cry from the compassionate, humanitarian she preferred to be. Above all she wanted nothing more than to be a mother and had a fondness for children that no wicked queen could have. Pamphlets produced during her time as Dauphine and then as Queen has ultimately written her in a negative light, not at all the once beloved girl who had won the hearts…

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  • Marie Antoinette Speech Analysis

    In his beautiful speech, The Death of Marie Antoinette, Edmund Burke mourns the death of the Queen and the passing of an era in Europe. The Queen of France was put of trial before the Revolutionary Tribunal and guillotined in 1793 on counts of plotting against the Republic. Burke thought very highly of the dauphine, however he had a stronger opinion on what she represented. Edmund Burke saw the French Revolution as a violent rebellion against tradition and proper authority, not as movement…

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  • Marie Antoinette Of France: A Critical Analysis

    the revolution of the minority: the poor. While the poor may get special treatment, one figure that typically gets glossed over is Marie Antoinette. She is often tossed aside as a two-dimensional character of history; the frivolous spendthrift who ruined the French economy, brought not only her ruin, but the ruin of her innocent husband, Louis XVI, and was the victim of the society around her. This is not true. Through the analysis of three biographies ranging over fifty years of historical…

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  • Marie Antoinette: The Diamond Necklace Affair

    “Marie Antoinette was a person who liked people, and bore little resemblance to the cold villain portrayed by her protractors” . As an Austrian foreigner turned French Queen, she was one of the most attacked public figures in the history of France . Marie Antoinette was an innocent victim, despite public belief and conditions in France during her rule. Her marriage to Louis XVI was less than blissful, they were polar opposites and frustrated each other greatly. She was wrongly accused in…

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  • Marie Antoinette: The Last Queen Of France

    The Life and Times of Marie Antoinette Marie Antoinette, the last Queen of France. Remembered for her dysfunctional marriage, ridiculous hairstyles, remarkable beauty by the times standard, and lavish spending habits she is attributed to causing the resent that started the French Revolution and labeled her ‘Madame Deficit’. Marie Antoinette is infamous from France to our own Canada, one of history 's most well known and controversial women. Marie Antoinette was born Maria Antonia Josepha…

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