Marie Antoinette And The French Revolution

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Marie Antoinette was born on November 2, 1755 in Vienna, Austria. She was the youngest daughter of King Francis I and Queen Marie Theresa of Austria. Though she was of noble birth and blood, Antoinette was not well educated with the exception of piano. She loved to play the harp but was considered by her tutors hard to educate. When she was nine years old, Antoinette lost her father. At the age of fourteen, Marie Antoinette was betrothed to Louis XVI of France where she reigned as the Queen of France from the middle of the seventeenth century to the late seventeenth century. She was a unique type of queen where she would get bored very easily with royal life; to liven things up around the palace, she would often throw parties and balls with her friends to amuse herself. …show more content…
During her reign, she was very frivolous with the royal treasury. Among many things, she was notably blamed by all of France for the financial crisis even though she only contributed to about 6% of the debt due to the fact that she was an immature spender. With her frivolous spending and higher taxes, the people began to revolt against the French Monarchy. In the face of the Revolution by her people, Marie Antoinette was infamously known for saying “let them eat cake” which only infuriated the people even more. There were many riots against her and her husband as the Revolution progressed; a mob of people even stormed the castle trying to kill Marie Antoinette. She escaped through a secret passageway but was soon captured. Finally, as she was held at a castle in Paris by a group of Parisians, King Louis XVI died on the guillotine, and Marie Antoinette had to suffer the same fate in less than a year later. She was placed in a harsh prison known as the guillotine waiting room before she died, but still kept her dignity throughout the entire

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