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  • Tom's Dream In The Great Gatsby

    Tom must be deceptive to break out from his imprisoned existence. Tom is introduced as “A poet with a job in a warehouse” (363), and his dreams do not consist of working in a factory. He detests his job and states, “I’d rather somebody picked up a crowbar and battered out my brains—than go back mornings” (373). His escape appears to be unavoidable from the beginning. He says from the start, “Yes, I have tricks in my pocket, I have things up my sleeve” (364). It is known from the beginning…

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  • Twelfth Night And Pride And Prejudice Analysis

    Attaining independence through opposing gender roles in the 1600-1800 In the play Twelfth Night and the novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen female and male characters experience a phenomenon that had rarely been seen before in this time period. Gender roles had been an important part of history since the beginning of time and seemed to be respected and followed by citizen of all kind in England during the 1600-1800. Society had expectations for women and men and how they were expected to…

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  • Similes And Metaphors In Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

    Shakespeare 's works frequently employ similes and metaphors to enhance the complexity of his writing, as well as to invoke distinct images that are being described for his audience. In Twelfth Night, Shakespeare continues with this theme in describing the beauty of countess Olivia. Viola, acting as a messenger on behalf of Orsino, conveys to Olivia the degree to which she finds her beautiful through a metaphor: 'Tis beauty truly blent, whose red and white Nature 's own sweet and cunning hand…

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  • The Butterfly Effect Essay

    By the end of his life, Shakespeare had become a master of spinning tales revolving around the complex dynamics of family life. More specifically, he was able to base an entire story off of the thoughts and opinions of the parents, or more commonly the father, about one of the main characters hopes and wishes. These shows were given an instant conflict and greater depth by staking the true interests of the children against the views of their father. This is evident in so many of his plays,…

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  • What Is The Theme Of The Dragon's Village By Mao Zedong

    On October 1st, 1949, communist leader Mao Zedong proclaimed the People’s Republic of China, naming himself as head of the state. The declaration ended over six years of bloody civil warfare against the Guomindang (GMD, Chinese Nationalist Party) led by the Chiang Kai-Shek, whose eventual unpopularity and corruption drove them to flee China altogether. Chairman Mao’s popular revolutionary vision for the People’s Republic Of China aimed to favor the peasantry, whereas the redistribution of land…

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  • Identity In Twelfth Night

    Viola’s quest to thrive in society heavily complicates her love life, but she is ultimately able to find harmony in the end. Upon shipwrecking on the coast of Illyria, Viola makes the decision to conceal her identity to better her chances of survival in this new society with no one to guide her. Her captain is able to get her a job working for the Duke as she requested and assists her in transformation- which ultimately consists of assuming the identity of male. While her new employment…

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  • Why Is Shakespeare Relevant Today

    William Shakespeare is one of the most significant figures in English literature. To an extreme, he is one of the most significant figures in the English language itself. Shakespeare wrote thirty-seven plays in his lifetime. That does not include The Two Noble Kinsmen, which he collaborated on with John Fletcher, and two lost plays nobody will ever see again. His work was revolutionary for the time. It added significant depth to story telling. Shakespeare also pushed the boundaries of what was…

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  • What Are Gender Roles In Twelfth Night

    William Shakespeare did not become arguably the most famous playwright in the history of the world for coloring inside the lines. In each one of his complex plays, he pushes against the boundaries of social norms. Shakespeare incorporates bold discussions of fleeting love, gender uncertainty, mistaken identity, and ironic comedy into his creative plots during the 1600’s when public discussion on such progressive ideas were rare. In his comedy Twelfth Night, Shakespeare uses dialogue between his…

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  • Examples Of Timelessness In Othello

    Shakespeare’s Timelessness One of the questions most frequently posed, even these days, is: What makes an author, a creator timeless? As much as skill and dedication play an important role in gaining recognition, these are not the only characteristics necessary to determine whether that certain writer has carved his/her name in the rough stone of immortality, whether he will remembered after centuries. For instance, during Shakespeare’s time, there were other playwrights too, extremely talented…

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  • Gender Expectations In Macbeth And Twelfth Night

    Shakespeare in recent years, just like in his time, has been described as a writer who liked to challenge the circumstances and expectations of his time. During the 16th/17th century, women and men had specific roles, characteristics, and expectations to live up to and had to strictly abide by them. Men were meant to provide for their family; and be courageous, masculine and powerful. As opposed to women who had completely different gender roles during the era. Women, on the other end of the…

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