Symbolism Of The Twins Viola And Sebastian In Shakespeare's '12th Night'

Through the symbolism of the twins Viola and Sebastian in Shakespeare’s 12th Night, love can be seen as an unyielding force and can be found in unintentional and mysterious ways.

Body Paragraph #1:
Viola falls in love with Orsino, after he talks about her qualities, or being similar to a woman, of course, unknowingly that she actually is a woman.
P #1:
Viola masquerades as a man with the name of Cesario in order to make something of herself. She goes to work for the Duke Orsino, who is hopelessly in love with Olivia. Orsino confides in Viola, saying how “he” knows women. Even saying, “Dear lad, believe it./For they shall yet belie thy happy years/ That say thou art a man. Diana’s lip/ Is not more smooth and rubious. Thy small pipe/
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Viola had in the process fallen in love with Orsino, with his noticings, and the way he talked about her. It had in turn began the turnings of a love triangle. P#2: Viola is told to be a messenger of Orsino’s love to Olivia, he tells Viola to confess his love, and how he wants nothing but here. This proves a bit complicated because Viola herself wants to Marry Orsino. After saying, “I’ll do my best/ To woo your lady…” Viola is besides herself, saying, “Yet, a barful strife--/ Whoe’er I woo, myself would be his wife.” (Twelfth Night Act I.IV). Basically, Viola agrees to “woo” Olivia for Orsino, but with a heavy heart because she would rather marry him.
Viola shows her love for Orsino in more ways than just outright saying it. Her actions also define her love. How she presents herself, how she talks of him, her persistence in doing what he tells her to do, A great example of this would be the persistence Viola puts forth in trying to woo Olivia for Orsino. After being let Olivia’s chambers, , Viola questions who the lady of the house is, explaining how she’d “...loath to cast away my/ speech, for beside that it is excellently well/ penned, I have taken great pains to con it.” (Twelfth Night Act I.V). Viola says how she wishes to say her speech, but only to the woman she had memorized it for. This shows Viola 's love and adoration for Orsino in that, she memorized, and even says how well the speech is, it
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She hides herself in a veil, and refuses any advances. That is until, a messenger with the name Cesario shows up. Upon Cesario an Olivia’s first meeting, Viola recites a letter that the Duke Orsino had written, confessing his love. However, Olivia begins to fall for Viola, she even shows her, her face. Viola asks to see Olivia’s face for it would be easier to recite the declaration of love the the woman being confesses. Olivia, a bit skeptical agrees saying, “...we will draw the curtain and show you the/ picture. Look sir, such a one I was this present./ Is 't not well?” (Twelfth Night Act I.V). Even after swearing off men from her life, Olivia can’t help but to show herself to Viola. It isn’t said right away, but that moment is when Olivia fell for Viola. Going back against the rule she made for herself proves

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