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  • Elasticity Of Travel Trends In The Air Travel Industry

    Travel analysis and trends A good analysis and understanding of the travel features and trends of the passengers is very important to build up a successful business model for airlines. In the following, we will try to discuss this topic from the aspects of elasticity of passenger demand, popular destinations, mode of transport and the booking patterns. 1. Elasticity of Passenger Demand At the present time, the competition in the air travel industry is becoming more and more intense. The…

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  • Impact Of Biometric Technology In Singapore Airlines

    It is easy to say that Singapore Airlines has grown to develop as the renowned leader of creativity and innovation within the airline industry and has continuously overtaken other competitive airlines in the industry for many years. This can be fourthly expressed by looking at the fact that Singaporean Airlines has not suffered a loss on annual records since the company was founded in the 70’s. The accomplishments and achievements of Singapore Airlines is formed the company’s skill to innovate…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Philippine Airlines

    B. Industry and Competitor Analysis 4.7 Industry Situation The airline industry in the Philippines is continuously growing. In the past years, the Philippine Airline Industry consists of many independent airline companies, but because of the mergers and acquisitions, there are 4 major domestic low-cost carriers in the Philippines, namely Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Zestair Philippines, and Philippines AirAsia. Low-cost Carriers (LCC) are the carriers that have the highest demand in…

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  • Hindustan Aeronautics Case Study

    Presentation Hindustan Aeronautics is an Indian state-claimed Aerospace and resistance organization situated in Bangalore, Karnataka. It is represented under the administration of the Indian Ministry of Defense. The administration possessed enterprise is principally included in the operations of the aeronautic trade. These incorporate assembling and get together of airplane, route and related correspondence hardware and air terminals operation. The Engine Division, which is ISO-9002 affirmed…

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  • Singlobal Case Study

    1.0 Introduction – Juney Singlobal started off as a regional airline with a full economy class facility which gradually venture into business class as technology allow fleets to fly further and more facilities in the fleet. (to incl ratio of economy and biz class?) Singlobal first started off with Korea serving as the main airport. The airline adopted the “hub-and-spoke” business strategy to route their plane traffic. With this strategy in plan, a central airport that flights will be routed…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Aircraft

    Some of the most obvious and positive effects of aircraft are increasing the driving speed, reduction of travel time, warfare methods, commercial effects, the development of aeronautics, the jobs created by the construction of aircraft and aerospace industry, it promotes business and rapid trade and makes it much easier to transport goods and products to remote locations. A drive that normally takes 6 hours takes about 80 minutes via airplane. It makes the world more allies and globalized by…

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  • Fly Dubai Case Study

    Fly Dubai Reference Link: About Us Established in 2008, Fly Dubai is one of the leading airline service in Dubai. The company initiated its operations with a vision to enhance flight service coupled with excellent customer service. The company has over 90 flying destinations with more than 1500 flights with more than 6000 support staff. The company has the largest fleet of Boeing airbus services. The company offers various services to the customer including cargo operating…

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  • Ryanair Case Analysis Essay

    i. Valuable Capabilities Ryanair, an Ireland airlines company capturing the hearts of its customer by offering lower fares to those targets fare conscious leisure and business travelers who might be otherwise use a substitute form of transportations. The increase cost of lifestyles nowadays will make the customer to prefer the low-cost options as much as possible. Even though the company is known to be one of the low-cost airline company in Europe, the company also focus on a better customer…

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  • Ettihad Airways Case Study

    company was established in July 2003. Also, Etihad Airways was known during the past 10 years and one of the fastest growing airlines in commercial aviation history. Etihad Airways has a set of awards that highlighted its position as one of the leading brands in the world in a manner distinct. Also received an award for 5 consecutive years on it’s (the world's leading airline) at a ceremony for the World Travel Awards. Abu Dhabi is the center of Etihad Company which is also the capital of…

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  • Nepal Airlines Case Study

    Conclusion The total respondents in this survey were 105. Since, the research is focused on people’s preference for airlines industry of Nepal, all the age group are included, starting from below 20 years to above 40 years. Diversity is maintained in survey by including people of different occupation, income level etc. People seem to expect many service attributes while travelling through airlines. Ten service attributes are considered in this research and customers’ preferences for those…

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