Magnesium hydroxide

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  • Acetonitrile Case Study

    3. EXPERIMENTAL WORK 3.1 Materials andMethods 3.1.1 Chemicalsand standards used Table.No.15 List of chemicalsand standards used S.No. Chemicals Manufacturer Name Grade 1 Water Merck HPLC grade 2 Acetonitrile Merck HPLC grade 3 0. 22µ Nylon filter Advanced lab HPLC grade 4 0.45µ filter paper Millipore HPLC grade 5 Theo asthalin Cipla syrup form 6 Salbutamol sulphate and theophylline In - House In- House 3.1.2 Instruments used Table.No.16. List of instruments used S.No Instrument name Model…

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  • Case Study: Isolation And Proliferation Of MSC

    2. Materials and Methods: 2.1. Materials: Natural red, propidium iodide (PI), acridine orange and phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) were obtained from Sigma-Aldrich (St.Louis, MO). May–Grunwald–Giemsa stain was procured from Merck (Darmstadt, Germany). Fetal calf serum, Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Medium (DEMEM) and RPMI 1640 were bought from GIBCO/Life Technologies Inc. (Gaithersburg, MD). 2.2. Isolation and Proliferation of MSCs Bone marrow derived MSCs were isolated as described previously…

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  • Ezbet Al Manshyia Well Water Treatment Plant Case Study

    October 2015, while in Al Manshyia well water treatment plant varied from 27.6 mg/L in July 2015 to 49.6 mg/L in August 2015 and November 2015, respectively. The mean values of magnesium of Ezbet El Moraba and Al Manshyia well water treatment plants were 27.99 mg/L and 18.46 mg/L, respectively. The minimum and maximum magnesium values of Ezbet El Moraba well water treatment plant ranged from 11.52 mg/L in December 2015 to 47.04 mg/L in November 2015, while in Al Manshyia well water treatment…

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  • Thermometric Titration Lab Report

    the unknown was determined. Although there was no hypothesis made before the experiment as it was not required. With the required equipment, Hydrochloric acid was poured into a burette upto 0mL. A pipette was used to gather 25.0 cm3 of Sodium Hydroxide and transfer it into a Beaker. However during the experiment, 25.0 cm3 was converted into dm3, which resulted as 0.0250 dm3. The Beaker was placed underneath the Burette during the titration process. During the setup, a temperature probe was…

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  • Reeox Titration Lab Report

    Measuring the mass of Iron in an iron sulphate tablet using REDOX titration Aim The aim of this experiment is to determine the mass of iron present in one iron sulphate tablet using REDOX titration under acidic conditions. Safety H2SO4: This is an irritant which may cause burns on skin and eyes; therefore care must be taken when handling this chemical. Protective gear (gloves, lab coat and safety goggles) must be worn at all times. If it comes in contact with skin or eyes, it should be…

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  • Claim, Evidence And Reasoning Graphic Substances

    Claim, Evidence and Reasoning Graphic Organizer Question: Are Fat and Soap Different Substances? Claim: Fat and soap are different substances. Evidence (from your data) Solubility - Fat was soluble in oil. Soap was not soluble in oil. Fat was not soluble in water. Soap was soluble in water. Reasoning (why does the above piece of evidence support your claim?) The above piece of evidence supports my claim because it proves that in the same substance (H2O), fat and soap have different…

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  • Acetonitrile Lab Report

    2.4 IL-DLLME procedures For IL-DLLME under optimum conditions, 10 mL of the sample solution containing Cd2+ or Ni2+ and PAN (10−5mol L−1) was adjusted to pH in a glass test tube with a conical bottom test tube. Using a microsyringe, the mixture of the extraction solvent ([Hmim][PF6]) and disperser solvent (acetonitrile) was rapidly injected into the previously mentioned aqueous sample. A cloudy solution (water, acetonitrile and [Hmim][PF6] ) was formed in the test tube. The ions reacted with…

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  • Acid Base Titration

    titrating an unknown concentration of acid or base with a known concentration of acid or base, you can calculate properties such as the concentration and pKa of the analyte. During the standardization part of this reaction, we are adding Sodium Hydroxide, NaOH to a solution…

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  • Hess's Law Lab Report

    The total change in energy is equal to the sum of the net reaction that is Hess’s Law the way I see it. It is important because it shows how energy is moved whether absorbed or released which is critical in science where logic and reason define all knowledge derived from the implications of science. Hess’s Law is used to determining difficult to measure energy changes such as the generation of hydrogen as a clean fuel in the example given in chem wiki (Shelly Cohen October 02 2013). It is also…

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  • Vitamin Water Experiment

    Abstract For this experiment the amount of zinc in vitamin water had to be determined. To do this, three methods were applied. The first was by a calibration plot method, where zinc standards were prepared and from the absorbance of those standards a calibration curve was plotted, which in turn was used to determine the amount of zinc in vitamin water. The second method was standard addition. For this method, an un-spiked and spiked solution were prepared. The un-spiked solution only contained…

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