Low-key lighting

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  • Observation Essay On Lighting

    Lighting The lights are the first thing the audience experience in this piece, then comes sound and movement. From the begging the lighting design was unique in the since that there was emphasis on the curtains. There were lights shining directly on the wings drapes. They were simply horizontal lines stacking straight up. The choice to have the lights show up first gave the audience time to take in the lights and create their own idea of what the lights represented. There were two sets/types of…

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  • Phoenix Art Museum Essay

    The Musical Instrument Museum, Phoenix Public Library, and the Phoenix Art Museum have key characteristics that represent the landscape as well as their functionality. It can be said that the design of these buildings are similar and at the same time completely different in the way that they represent the landscape. The Instrument museum was designed by Rich Varda, an award-winning architect. The construction began on February 2008 and the museum opened its doors in April 2010. The Phoenix…

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  • The Night Cafe Van Gogh Analysis

    bar scene to alcoholism or depression. He also balances the wooden browns and yellows of the lower half of the painting with a dark wooden clock adorned with a vibrant yellow face at the top of the painting. The yellow circles expanding around the lighting fixtures and the clock balanced with the intense yellow of the floor help to illustrate how brightly the room was filled with artificial light while still making the viewer feel that no natural light is entering the room. Caillebotte uses…

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  • Fly Eye Research Paper

    Flies, such as the common housefly look at the world in quite a different way than humans do. The structure and function of a fly's eye are completely different from humans; therefore they see the motion, shapes and colors differently than humans. Flies also see the light in a different way than humans. Nano-structure of the eyes that gives the ability of a virtually 360 degree all direction vision with only two eyes placed at the front of the head. Military pilots like helicopters and fighter…

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  • Determining The Efficacy Of A Light Bulb

    3.2 Performance The first thing to consider when talking about a light bulb’s performance is the brightness. The brightness of a light bulb is measure in lumens (lm). It measures how much light the bulb outputs so the more lumens, the brighter the light. The power consumption is also important to know how many lumens a bulb produces per watt. The ratio of total output lumens per total watts used to power a light bulb is called luminous efficacy. Figure 2 shows a table comparing the luminous…

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  • Office At Night By Edward Hopper Symbolism

    on in the somewhat mysterious situation. While some might only see two people having a regular night in the office, the many clues given in the painting leaves one’s mind wondering – is there something immoral going on? The open window, mysterious lighting, and the facial expressions of both individuals suggest a deeper story within the painting. The whole scene displayed takes action in small room, which according to the name of the painting, must be an office. The walls on the office…

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  • Kitchen Cabinet Design Case Study

    one stone. The height of the cabinets is aesthetically optimised, maintaining the correct proportion relative to the ceiling height. Most importantly, no more exposed dust-collecting cabinet tops! Last but not least, the space is well utilised for lighting. Aesthetics is not only un-compromised - it is in fact enhanced! Because the fluorescent tubes are well hidden, protected, their lives are prolonged. They last for years; virtually maintenance-free. I am so delighted with this solution, MY…

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  • Symbolism In The Stranger Things Trailer

    One main theme in the in the Stranger Things trailer was light, with the light on Will’s bike flickering before he disappears, the blinding light when Will vanishes from thin air, and the flickering Christmas lights that appear throughout the trailer. In general, light can represent discovery and hope, but in these details in particular the meaning of light changes because they are flickering and blinding. The flickering lights represents discovery of a mysterious or dangerous thing, because…

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  • Advertisement Analysis: Never Too Wanted By Kohler

    new, contrasting with the dark stained walls of the background. The modest design of the faucet establishes a bold appearance through the help of the lighting; everything surrounding the woman and faucet is of less significance. The light also shines on the model’s hair and legs, captivating the audience with seduction and beauty. The vague lighting establishes the tone to be mysterious, generating darker tones to surround the model and faucet. The light to dark contrast determines where the…

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  • Influences Of Interior Design

    Introduction Interior design is an exciting and rewarding occupation. It revolves around creativity, intellectual fulfillment, and also provides a lifetime of personal appeal. Interior design is vital, vibrant, and dynamic, meaning that as the world changes so does life around us, and design keeps up with the pace. Since we are also evolving and advancing into the future with new technology and ideas, the interior of a space is never truly finished, because it can always be enhanced by the…

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