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  • Human Pheromones

    evolved to detect human sexual pheromones (English,…

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  • Causes Of The Native American Genocide

    American genocide occurred in North America, most happened in the United States, but there were still areas in Canada affected by this genocide. This Genocide is sometimes referred to as “The 500-year war”, and is considered to be the biggest and longest lasting genocide in the world. (Native American Genocide 1) The death toll has been recorded from anywhere between 95,000,000 and 114,000,000. Believe it or not, there is still controversy over whether or not this was a genocide, some writers…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey To Dunbar High School

    “You’re just a white girl trapped inside a black body,” were words I heard repeatedly as a child. For the longest time I considered those words a compliment. As an African American girl native to the Congo, I was naïve enough to think this statement meant how fully immersed with American culture my appearance, language, and every aspect of my personality was becoming. To me, those words held acceptance from my American friends and families—the only imaginable thing any foreign child yearns for.…

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  • Critical Literacy Examples

    Throughout out our lives we go through many different literacy events without noticing what each specific one actually signifies and helps us become a better overall person. The article “What is Literacy? – A Critical Overview of Sociocultural Perspectives” by Kristen H. Perry, breaks down the different views within literacy. What is literacy is the main argument, many think of it as a teaching taught in school but in reality it's in our daily life. Our sociocultural teachings have many theories…

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  • I Hate Writing Essay

    I Hate Writing Essays There are SOOOOOO many reasons why essays are horrible monsters created by English teachers. For instance: • You have no purpose to write 5 page papers in many jobs • Once you learn about informal essays, all known structure is gone • They take up WAY too much of the student’s and teacher’s time • They create stress and hurt more than they help • They are boring and no fun to write • They are a waste of class time • There is no point in writing so many (seriously, we’ve…

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  • Creative Writing: The Book Thief Liesel Meminger

    adventure, interesting characters, happy endings, but most importantly, ones that were easy to read. Most of the books I enjoyed were categorized by my mom as “junk books.” I explained to myself that if I had to stop after every sentence and locate a word in the dictionary, reading wouldn’t be very fun for me, a middle school girl. Both my mom and Lillian began urging me to read the classics, a category of books that I believed were 900 pages long, with boring characters who always either fell…

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  • What Is The Most Challenging Day Of The Island Essay

    7 copies of Shakespeares Othello. We quickly got out the books and started reading the Olde English gibberish, not really understanding what we were saying, only that a lot of people were dying/ Kenrick, who was reading the part of Desdemona, the love interest of Othello, spoke in an ear-piercing falsetto, and Henry, one of the youngest scouts on the trip, stumbled through the pentameter, jumbling his words left and right. I, on the other hand, had some minor roles and was sitting back, stifling…

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  • Comparison Of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

    felt so smart because I understood what the story was saying on the first try, I could read through a book that was assigned for the week in less than an hour. It fueled my ideas for drawing as well as storytelling. Every picture is worth a thousand words so I would draw something and write down what it was about as if I was illustrating for my own novel. In first grade we were given a writing prompt about a haunted house or Halloween or something similar. I remember so vividly the thought of…

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  • Tabernaculo De Dios Filadelphia

    syncopated and used a lot more instruments than Esters and Angels song. The song he chooses to perform was called “En El Ano 1916” in English meaning “In The year 1916”. This song is made reference to the Pentecostal movement throughout the world, in one of the verses it says “Anda arriba, anda abajo predicando la palabra” meaning up and down the street preaching the word of God. The song was in a verse-chorus structure and also call and response form. An example of the call and response would…

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  • William Blake's View On War

    William Blake believed he could change the way his colleagues viewed the American and French Revolutions through his Romantic style of poetry. Therefore, his messages about innocence and philosophy prove why Blake is one of the most influential, English Romantic poets in history. At the turn of the eighteenth century, why did the classical style of poetry shift into an unconventional form? Throughout the eighteenth century, England was constantly at war with France, the second most powerful…

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