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  • Why I Chose For College

    My existence has been a roller coaster of up 's and down 's, questions of whether I should be the intelligent and conservative daughter my mother expects me to be. As a result, for the longest time I 've wanted to please and live up to my family 's expectations. Even though, I get harshly reprimanded often. Which tends to depress and improve my studies depending on the situation, Eventually I had mustered enough courage and gathered weeks worth of information to back up my desire to go overseas…

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  • Reflection On My Strengths And Weaknesses

    Writing has always been quite the task for me, and never a very enjoyable one at that. Up until college the only scholarly writing I was exposed to was in high school, and even that I would have considered as mediocre. For me, English classes were an easy A+ and so I never took writing that seriously. As a writer I have my strengths and weaknesses, but I do not feel as confident in my strengths as I do my weaknesses. I think I am good with grammar and mechanics, but when it comes to time…

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  • Symbolism In Travelling Through The Dark By William Stafford

    The poem doesn’t have any words that has…

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  • William Golding's Lord Of The Flies Argumentative Essay

    Lord of the Flies One may believe that William Golding’s Lord of the Flies could be based off of the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes who believed that human nature is essentially evil and that government, laws, and rules are necessary to protect humans from lapsing into society. You then can see how the slaughters, accomplished or planned of Simon, Piggy, and Ralph In Golding’s Lord of the Flies proves that the further humans wander from society’s rule the more uncivil savage like they…

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  • Compare And Contrast Queen Elizabeth 1 And God In The Monarchy

    document clearly showed that Queen Elizabeth I used God in a political way, it was a motion to requested to marry was present for the commons to Queen Elizabeth a delegation from the commons went to present their petition to her ( Perry, Maria. The Word of Prince, Woodbridge, Boydell Press, 1999 99-100) Queen Elizabeth replied to the petition days later. The document also shows that Queen Elizabeth I respected Parliament, she used a very polite way for express herself with the parliament, but…

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  • Music During The Middle Ages

    Music is all around the world and people listen to music everyday. Music came from Ancient Greek and music was seen as a gift from God. Music began around 500 B.C. and it lasted for 1000-year period. It was the longest period of music and it was different because there was no centralized government. The Roman Catholic Church had financial gains. The monarchy, kingdoms, and the Roman Catholic Church had power. The main form of music during the Middle Ages was the Gregorian chant named after Pope…

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  • Year 11 Personal Narrative

    then my stepdad who already had a place so we went to settle. After a few months if familiarization I was enrolled to Scribner Middle School, they placed me in the final few weeks of sixth grade. They put me in ESL because they figured seeing as English is my second language I barely spoke it but that definitely wasn't the case. If you fast forward a few years to me in eighth grade and compare me to before boarded that plane you would see a drastic change, honestly I don't know when something…

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  • The Black Bubble Uriah Brown Analysis

    become successful CEO’s, managers, directors,” said Brown. “They can’t move up in an organization because of racism. They can’t move up within society because of discrimination or white privilege and different things like that.” Brown was never an English major, but writing was his way of expression ever…

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  • The Myth Of Romantic Love

    “Where there is love there is life” stated Mahatma Gandhi which means without love people will be miserable and life would be miserable without love. In English class we read a chapter from The Road Less Traveled titled “The Myth of Romantic Love” by Dr. Scott Peck. The author stated some very appealing topics about the unrealistic ideas of real love. I believe that love can last a long time, but you need both spouses to function. We all love the stories of the prince and the princess…

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  • Mary Tudor Personality

    Martin started his revolt in 1517 in Wittenberg, Germany where he posted his famous “Ninety-five Theses” his wise words had spread all over the Christian world including England. The Protestant reformation had begun. Her father, Henry has been involved with a younger woman from Catherine’s court Anne Boleyn was the misters. Henry was determined to have Anne, and Anne…

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