Year 11 Personal Narrative

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December 11th, roughly. Five years and one month ago was the date that not only my life and surroundings changed and not to sound cliché, so did I as a person. I remember it vividly it was summer in South Africa, as our seasons are flipped to those in the states. Nevertheless it being summer I had a winter coat on because I knew it was winter in the U.S. but I didn't know how cold it would be so I dressed accordingly to how I felt it would be in a place where it snows. I remember going to get my passport months prior and kind of not fully comprehending to thinking about how much things actually were going to change once I got on that plane. My first real awakening was in line for a routine security check when the man in front of me spoke on …show more content…
In my mind I knew what was going to happen, land, and board my next flight to Louisville Airport. Thing was Atlanta was a nightmare, a maze of closed wings and sectioned off buildings with no signs and I had 15 minutes to find my flight. And it didn't help that the more I asked directions to the Louisville flight the more people said “Indianapolis” which at the time I had no idea what that was. After almost missing the plane we got on and once we were airborne it was the first real time I got a look at America, because entering the US it was pitch black. It was strange because I was seeing the white on the ground which I deduced was snow and which I learned the hard was was ice. After landing in Louisville we were met by then my stepdad who already had a place so we went to settle. After a few months if familiarization I was enrolled to Scribner Middle School, they placed me in the final few weeks of sixth grade. They put me in ESL because they figured seeing as English is my second language I barely spoke it but that definitely wasn't the case. If you fast forward a few years to me in eighth grade and compare me to before boarded that plane you would see a drastic change, honestly I don't know when something changed or where down the line, it was just a gradual adaptation to life in the states that made me who I am

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