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  • Summary: Improving The Quality Of Health Care

    one of the reasons that we do not have the best health care is because medicine has become a business. It is designed to turn a profit, therefore the quality of care diminishes. It is designed to protect the interests of the hospitals, doctors and insurance companies rather that the patients. Another reason would be that the access to health care is diminishing. For instance, because primary care is the lowest paying specialty in healthcare, there is a shortage in primary care physicians. As a…

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  • Health Care System Fair Or Unfair

    Healthcare-system, fair or unfair? A life without health care. It sounds frightening, because health care is one of the most important things in our life. Health care is the act of taking preventative or necessary medical procedures to improve a person’s well-being. This is typically offered through a health care system made up of hospitals and physicians. Every country has its own healthcare system. Everyone knows the gap between rich and poor in the US is bigger than in any other advanced…

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  • Essay On Pet Insurance

    find the Best Pet Insurance plan for you Many of you might not know this, but pet insurance is very crucial to the wellbeing of your pet. This is technically because they can get exposed to a number of high risks every day, just like us. The bottom line is that they too are exposed to the risk of infections, terminal diseases and accidents, so insuring them, should be like an obligation to all pet owners out there. However, although it meets the same principle as any type of insurance (the…

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  • The Importance Of Professionalism In The Healthcare Field

    “Professional etiquette is one of the most important factors contributing to a successful healthcare career,” (Britt, 2013). Webster defines professionalism as, “the competence or skill expected of a professional.” Webster also defines professional as, “following a line of conduct..” Therefore, performing actions under any sort of guideline while showing that you have the skill and the ability to do so is being professional. Professional etiquette far exceeds what patients witness. The…

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  • Pay Protection Insurance Case Study

    Pay Protection Insurance (IPI) is a protection strategy, accessible primarily in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom, paying advantages to policyholders who are debilitated and thus not able to work because of disease or mishap. IPI arrangements were some time ago called Permanent Health Insurance (PHI). The first supplier for this sort of protection is the Original Holloway Friendly Society, situated in Gloucester. It was established in 1880 by George…

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  • Health Care Reform In Turkey

    Turkey is a country, bordering parts of the Mediterranean and Black Seas, in the midst of the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Turkey covers 783, 562 square kilometers of the planet (The, 2014). Elections in 2014 yielded its first popularly elected President: Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Davutoglu’s, 2014). Political stability has benefited not only the health care system, but the economy of Turkey as well. Long-term strategies have been put in place due to this stability (Country, 2013). The Republic of…

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  • Aetna Value Based Payment Model

    Aetna Inc. was created in 1853, and over that period has become a pillar in America for managing health care supplying its expertise in the field. For over 160 years, Aetna has provided health care and life insurance services to Americans and citizens worldwide. Through the Aetna Way, the company has achieved “health and financial security by providing easy access to safe, cost-effective, high-quality health care and protecting their finances against health-related risks” (Aetna, 2017). Aetna…

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  • Career Research Paper On Becoming A Doctor

    in any science related courses and clubs because science is the base of the medical field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average salary of a physician in 2016 was $208,000 per year. Most physicians have a covered health insurance, although insurance, sick days, vacations, and retirement specifics all vary based on the specific hospital. Promotions for physicians include becoming lead administrators and chief surgeons. Overall, there are many benefits for physicians although they…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Affordable Care Act

    bills Bernie Sanders is trying to pass, if elected as President. The Affordable Care Act is a little similar, and has gotten our country so much closer to gaining the Medicare-For-All policy. More than seventeen million Americans have gained health insurance from the Affordable Care Act. Millions of low-income Americans have coverage now, thanks to expanded eligibility in Medicaid, that exists in thirty-one states. Kids can now stay on their parents’ health plans until they’re twenty-six.…

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  • Bernie Sanders A Social Conservative

    Bernie is conservative on healthcare. Currently this country spends more on healthcare than any other country in the world without even guaranteeing it. This is a result of tax dollars competing to provide care with private health insurance. Private health insurance offers no oversight and the prices keep skyrocketing to pay off investors with very little of the actual cost paid going to real health providers like nurses, technicians, and doctors.…

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