Medical Science Pros And Cons

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In the healthcare system there are different career fields that Logan is interested in. The first choice that he really wants to go into is a Biomedical Laboratory and Epidemiologist. The type of Biomedical Laboratory Scientist he wants to go in is Virology. This career is to identify Viruses, looking at certain diseases and testing Vaccines. The Epidemiologist side of the career field is study outbreaks and find where the “hotspot” of the infection occurred. This job also brings out how the disease affects certain populations and the Epidemiologist has to report the data. The Epidemiologist has to use extensive research and conclude their findings. The duties of a Biomedical Laboratory Scientist is to give tests results to medical staff, who then uses it to diagnose the patient. The researcher then performs routine and specialist analytical testing on a range of biological samples. A Forensic Toxicologist does almost the same thing in the lab. A law enforcement agency runs the lab and the Toxicologist deals with bodily samples, tissue samples and drugs that may ended up …show more content…
This act aimed to make affordable health insurance available to every American. This act was also enforced to protect consumers from insurance or private companies that would raise their payments. There are Pros and Cons to this act but in Logan’s opinion the cons are really the most hurtful. First off is the Premiums are too high for Americans. Since the Act covers people with pre-existing conditions more people will have to pay more with the insurance that they had. Another reason is that Businesses are cutting employees hours to avoid covering the employees. By reducing hours, businesses are able to get by the 30-hour-per-week definition of a full-time employee. In Logan’s opinion this is not fair for some Americans to pay for someone else rather than taking care of their own family and

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