Late-2000s recession

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  • Macro Community Assessment

    The community is where macro practice takes place (Netting, Kettner, McMurtry, & Thomas, 2012, p. 131). In today’s connected world, people will identify with many different types of communities, and social workers must understand this interconnectedness in order to effectively assess and determine appropriate courses of action (Netting et al., 2012). According to (Netting et al., 2012, p. 168) there are three reasons why macro practitioners need a systematic approach to assessing a community:…

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  • The Most Important Events That Changed American Lives

    affected the lives of the American people are technological advancements, the economic recession of 2008, and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. One of the most significant changes that changed American lives was technological advancements which is very helpful to many Americans. Technological innovations took place in…

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  • The American Dream Gender Analysis

    class during the Great Recession in their article The Making of the American 99% and The Collapse of the Middle Class. It is suggested that race and ethnicity played an even bigger role in the loss of homeownership during 2007-2008. “African-Americans and Latinos of all income levels disproportionately lost their homes to foreclosure in 2007 and 2008, and then disproportionately lost their jobs in the wave of layoffs that followed.”(Ehrenreich). The obstacles of economic recessions and being…

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  • General Motors Bankruptcy: A Case Study

    all characteristics known as a recession. In the most recent recession that took place December, 2007 and ended June, 2009 many companies struggled to stay afloat and some just merely sank in this economic downturn. For example big corporations such as Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, AIG, and Citibank were victims of the recession (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012). General Motors a big corporation that was also affected tremendously by the recession and on June 1, 2009 filed…

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  • Walmart Case Study

    Companies have to make the decision to increase prices or to let employees go to keep their businesses alive. The United States recession of 2008 saw a decrease in employment of over 6% double that of all previous postwar recessions (Auguste, Lund, & Manyika, 2011). During the most recent economic recession one million jobs were lost in the retail sector. After the recession the industry added more than 90,000 jobs, but it still resulted in job losses offsetting job gains because of rough…

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  • Mexican Crisis: Criticism Of The IMF Response

    4-10). According to Takatoshi Ito, this deepened the recession that Thailand was already experiencing. Criticism of the IMF Response “In retrospect even the IMF would admit it made things worse in Asia” (“How the IMF helped create and worsen the Asian financial crisis”, n.d., para. 9). According to Ito, the IMF policies led to an increased recession in Thailand and other Asian countries (2012, para. 4). According to Abhisit Vejjajiva, the Thai prime…

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  • Structural Employment Benefits

    due to banker greed. The banks would most likely make risky investments, limit loans to the population, and _________. In order to get out of this economic downturn, I would follow Sweden’s economic model and John Maynard Keynes thoughts of a recession. The first thing I address during an economic crisis is the banks. I wouldn’t allow government money to be spent on bank bailouts. History has shown us that bankers spent millions of governments bailout money on guaranteed CEO bonus.…

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  • Global Economic Crisis Research Paper

    Economy was concerned about those who should be responsible for the financial problems are being bailed out. Since global financial meltdown affects almost everyone globally. After the entire financial crisis, the questions will be how to deal with recession. Many governments have started to contemplate these kinds of measures. For example, South Korea reduced its interest rates, as has Japan, China, England, various European countries, and many others. Many counties started to look to borrow…

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  • Why All Countries Need Economic Power

    health outcome, lower self-esteem, etc. Any country facing unemployment when workers are leaving jobs, switching careers and moving between the jobs. These things affect the overall economy. When we see the recession of 1990s and compare it to 2008, real GDP faces too much and the recession affect the unemployment rate as we see in the articles and statics Canada show us that what was the difference in real GDP and the unemployment rate at that moment and the in 2008 year. Statics Canada…

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  • Ebay Case Study Analysis

    To make their strategy successful, the company, eBay, would have to first establish an organizational structure. Like many of its consumers, eBay experienced a tremendous loss in 2008 due to the so-called Great Recession, which per State of Working America, was a major worldwide economic downturn that began in 2008 and continued well into 2010. By designing and developing an organizational structure that best fits their company, eBay could possibly turn the business and their sales around and…

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