Rancho Solitano Case Study

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Rancho Solano (RSPS), a leading academic institution with an advanced curriculum, was established in 1954. RSPS continues to be a highly ranked private school and was also ranked as the third best private school in the state of Arizona. However, at the beginning of 2012, two schools were closed down. This case study is meant to explain the general and specific environmental factors causing the closures; the closure process; the impact on organizational behaviors; classical, behavioral and modern management approaches that could have been taken; as well as long, mid and short term goals for the future.
General and Specific Environmental Factors Ultimately, the economic conditions in the general environment were the biggest factor in Rancho
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They could have explained they gave this decision a lot of foresight, and due to the decline in private school attendances, they thought it best to consolidate schools. They could explain in detail resources they are offering affected students, like bus transportation if the parents decided to stay. The Meritas Family of Schools could organize and set specific personnel in place for affected individuals to help counsel them through this transition. A second effective approach to delivering this type of information would be applying the Hawthorne effect. Had Meritas used a more human approach and showed the parents and children how important they were to the school and how they would have liked them to continue with the school at their other locations, they would have made them feel more important, and they would have taken the news a little …show more content…
Being a Global Education Centre, the two schools of learning are home to students from around the world, and neighborhood understudies of various foundations, nationalities, and interests. Meritas has a diverse collection of schools in locations all over the US, they need to use this to their advantage and offer programs where kids can “switch” campus’ for a semester at a time to really get a feel for global awareness and giving them the opportunity to be with different kids and teachers and to receive a well-rounded, diverse,

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