Hell-Grabers Vs Millennials Essay

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Hell-Raisers vs. Ass-Kickers It seems that there has been much discussion lately as to whether or not Generation Z, otherwise known as the Millennials, are “better” or “worse” than their predecessors, Generation X. This is quite an interesting topic. It is one that deserves more and more attention as the younger generation enters adulthood and the work force. There are questions that come to mind that need to be addressed. First, what are these generational differences? Second, are these differences for the better or for the worse? Let us begin to attempt to answer these questions. There are currently 41 million people that make up the current population (born between the years 1965 – 1980) who have been deemed Generation X, also known …show more content…
This generation also sports additional nicknames such as the Peter Pan Generation and the Boomerang Generation. Unlike their parents’ childhoods, it is noted that Millennials’ upbringings were characteristically more fairy-tale like. However, they also witnessed acts of terrorism, war, natural disasters, and the environmental crisis. The results are a young generation questioning human nature. Since Gen Xers were no strangers to the use of birth control, it is presumed that most Millennials were wanted additions to the family and, as such, were well cared for and nurtured. In fact, life was so good at home, many do not want to leave childhood behind merely to face the drudgery of financial and workplace responsibilities. Consequentially, many (1 in 8) leave and then “boomerang” back to the safety and comfort of their childhood homes. The reasons for the boomerang effect are, however, arguable. While this generation is noted to respect their elders (more so than other generations) and even view their parents as their heroes, they also face the difficulty of recovering from the Great Recession and an unemployment rate of 37% between the ages of 18-29 year

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