How Those Spoiled Millennials Will Make The Work Place Better For Everyone: Article Analysis

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Recently, there have been debates on millennials, also known as Generation Y (people born roughly between the 1980’s and 2000), and whether older generation love or hate the generation that is ‘so full of themselves’. How Those Spoiled Millennials Will Make the Work Place Better for Everyone, written by Emily Matchar (2012), argues that millennials aren’t all bad and will better the workplace. At the beginning of her article, Matchar describes millennials negatively, “teacup kids, for their supposed emotional fragility; boomerang kids, who always wind up back home; trophy kids — everyone’s a winner!; the Peter Pan generation, who’ll never grow up” (pg. 1). The use of these negative names for millennials helps the writer connect with the reader’s …show more content…
She describes millennials as entitled, full of themselves, and as people who will never adapt to the way things are nowadays. She uses this description of them as a positive thing because she states, “…the modern workplace frankly stinks, and the changes wrought by Gen Y will be good for everybody” (pg. 1). She believes that this generation will change the workplace positively because their wants and needs will make work policies friendlier to the worker themselves, their families, and their superiors.
To oppose Matchar’s opinion on millennials, a YouTube channel, MsMojo (2017), created a video explaining the Top 10 Reasons Why Millennials are Hated. This video explains why Generation Y is the most hated generation for the reasons; they want instant gratification, dependent on technology, their priorities aren’t in order, dependent on parents, aren’t informed on the news, bad with money, and they are offended by everything. MsMojo explains that millennials want/need things asap without putting in the effort for it. When a conflict comes up that they
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Many of the older generations hate generation Y not because of who they are as people, but the changes they are causing to the society and these changes are new and people fear change. When you really think about it though, millennials aren’t the ones who are creating these new inventions, it is mostly older generations but the millennials are the ones who popularize them- so it comes off as millennials are the ones who are causing all these changes. As time progresses, technology advances and everyone wants what’s new, this isn’t a thing of the present, but has always been a part of the growing society- it is just that nowadays, technology is becoming more advanced, portable, and easier to get than it used to be in the past. We cannot solely blame millennials on their actions because they are not the only generation who uses technology excessively, slacks off at times, and gets offended easily, its everyone in this society and in this time period- we place the blame on Generation Y because they were the ones born when technology started to advance rapidly and they were able to adapt to these changes

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