Case Study On Hispanic Millennials

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Hispanics form a significant portion of the millennials in the US. The number of Hispanic millennials in the past few years is proving to be an important indicator to the projections that whites will be minorities in the coming decades. Hispanics form approximately 20% of all millennials. It is expected that Hispanics shall, in the coming decades, account for 80% of the population growth in the U.S. Unlike other generations of Hispanics; the millennials are widely distributed in the country. In major cities that also form the key markets, such as New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, Hispanic millennials make up 25% to half the number of all millennials. Over 95% of the Hispanic millennials were born in the US. This number exceeds the numbers …show more content…
After rolling out the ‘Mobile Movement’, the company altered the campaign a little to capture Hispanic millennials. The new advert had different languages, and it showed the difficulties that the young millennials go through in balancing the two cultures. The company claims the campaign was highly effective among the young Latinos. Taco Bell has also utilized digital marketing to attract Hispanic millennials. The company recently altered its business model by eliminating children food and the accompanying toys in order to make room for millennials.

Since they form forming the largest part of the millennials, the company established several social media strategies to attract Hispanic millennials. Mc Donald’s has undertaken several digital campaigns targeting Hispanic youth. The company exploited the hype caused by the World Cup to popularize its brand. Many young Latinos are attracted to soccer. The digital campaign was called “Live Your Game” and was aimed at maintaining the brands hype during the tournament. The campaign was highly interactive, allowing people to comment about the games and also win
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The step by Fusion to establish a channel dedicated to Hispanic millennials is one of the boldest steps that any company has taken. The idea was muted due to the company’s need to attract Hispanic millennials. It airs its programs in English rather than Spanish. The company applied intense digital strategies in promoting the channel. The channel has since become popular among the millennials. Mattel, a media company, has also altered its strategy with the aim of attracting millennials.

The company has applied intense digital strategies in attracting millennials. The media company is popular among older adults. It is using this strategy to gain ground against Fusion. It has been projected that the Hispanics will form the largest portion of the population by 2050. Latinos currently have the highest number of births compared to other groups of people in the country. The high birth rate meant that the number of Hispanic millennials exceeded that of millennials from other ethnicities. The Hispanic millennials are a challenge to many businesses due to their cultural

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