Difference Between X And Generation X

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Generation Y Vs. Generation X Generations differ greatly throughout the years. Generation X and Generation Y, better known as Millennials, are two generations that differ significantly in the work place and cause issues for employers. Each generation has different needs and methods such as work environment, work ethic, coworker dynamic, and attitudes towards the work they are doing. While at work, Millennials and Gen X need completely different workplace environments. Millennials need clearly outlined goals and a setting where they can work together well as a team. The workplace needs to have a positive attitude to it or else the Millennials at work may crumble under the pressure of an unpleasant boss or coworker. Not only do Millennials …show more content…
When an office has both Millennials and Gen Xers working at the same time, the work gets completed in weird orders and times. Millennials strive for success and prefer creative challenges with tough deadlines. They become very involved in their projects because they have always been taught that failure should never happen. Although Millennials crave tough deadlines, they also crave a flexible work ethic. They wish to get everything done in a short amount of time, yet they need constant attention, a team, and flexibility. This is a stark contrast to the Gen Xers who prefer to do their work quietly and efficiently. Gen Xers were left to fend for themselves as children and that is reflected in their work ethics. When Gen Xers work on their own, they get their best work done. They tend to put their families first before their jobs but at the same time working well and efficiently to get everything done. When Millennials and Gen Xers work together, their work ethics clash causing disruption within the office and not much work being done. Coworker dynamic between Millennials and Gen Xers is quite comical with how dissimilar they are. While Millennials are chatty and need constant companionship, Gen Xers prefer to stay in their working bubbles and get stuff done. Millennials working together in the same place create a loud environment that Gen Xers would rather not participate in. When Gen Xers and Millennials work together, someone is bound to become angry with the other generation. Gen Xers become annoyed with Millennials and vice versa. Thus, having both generations as coworkers creates an interesting and tense working

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