Late-2000s recession

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  • Film Analysis: Up In The Air

    Dismissing an employee is not an easy and fun job. Set in the crisis of the US economy in 2008, when many businesses have to cut staff, but many of them do not dare to directly dismiss their employees forced to use the landfill service. The movie “Up in the air” is really worth for human managers thinking. The following short video cut from this movie involves in delivering a bad news. In this essay, I will discuss how the two main characters (Ryan and Natalie) fire someone. Up in the Air is a…

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  • Italy Unemployment Rate In Italy

    accompanied by higher inflation rate and may influence the interest rate higher or lower. Figure 1: Unemployment rate in Italy from Year 2000 until Year 2016 Based on Figure 1 for the year 2000 the percentage rate of unemployed in Italy is gradually decrease until year 2007. For the year 2007 the unemployment rate is 6.1% is the lowest unemployment rate in Italy. In year 2000 until year 2007, we can see that the government is trying to control the unemployment rate and provide a job to the…

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  • Herman Miller Inc.: Office Furniture

    “Most Innovative Companies” list in 2008 and 2010. The recession that began in late 2007 had taken its toll on the U.S. economy and the office furniture industry that Herman Miller Inc. (HMI) competed in. HMI had managed to weather these turbulent times better than its rivals, but its sales and profits had suffered nevertheless. In the fiscal year ended in 2008, HMI had earned $152.3 million on sales of just over $2 billion. As the recession progressed, its 2010 sales and earnings had fallen…

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  • Work Environment Without Work Experience

    During economic downturn, it is clear that most companies are focused on budget cuts and reduce costs in different ways in order to save themselves from financial crises. Among these ways, layoff and hiring freezes are the main ones that companies’ decision making bodies are argued on as the best cost reduction methods. According to WSN Editorial Board, “In the past decade we have gone from the best labor market in our economic history to arguably one of the worst. It is going to take years, if…

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  • Social And Economic Consequences Of Austerity Trence By Troika On Greece

    The social and economic consequences of austerity measures imposed by troika on Greece have been devastating. Since 2010, Greece’s GDP has fallen by 25 percent and unemployment rate is 26 percent. The youth unemployment rates are at an alarmingly high level. Currently, over 56 percent of young people in Greece are without a job and there are more than 450,000 families with no working members. After five years of fiscal adjustment and economic hardship under the austerity program, Greece’s major…

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  • Job Loss

    Job Loss and Unemployment Just last year, over 2.5 million people lost their jobs due to layoffs, quits and workers getting fired. The unemployment rate is now at a steady 4.9 percent; citizens of the United States lose their jobs every day. Layoffs at work can cause it, or it can simply be that one 's boss has fired them. Job loss and unemployment can affect one 's everyday life. Not only does losing a job affect one, but it also affects one’s family. On the contrary, they do have grants for…

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  • Demand Side Policies

    unemployment, unemployment caused by a recession. On the other hand, supply side policies reduce structural unemployment, the natural rate of unemployment. (Pettinger, 2011) Demand side policies are significant when a recession occurs and there is a growth in cyclical unemployment. John Neville argues that in the golden age, fiscal policy was an important expansionary instrument and that expansionary fiscal policy should be used to achieve lower unemployment. (Bell, 2000) In this case, fiscal…

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  • Analysis Of The Anime Film Spirited Away

    to the real world. In this essay, I want to discuss how does Spirited Away reflected issues of Japanese society in 1990s. Japan experienced strong economic growth in the second half of the 20th century. However, from 1990 to 2000, the Japanese economy experienced a recession because of the Japanese asset price bubble’s collapse (wikipedia). Miyazaki addressed issues that related to the economic downturn in the Japanese society. First of all, Miyazaki implies that adult like Chihiro’s parents who…

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  • Summary: Impact Of Fracking

    the beginning of 2014, oil was trading well above $100 per barrel. In January 2016 US Oil was trading at 26 dollars a barrel. Historically major oil price declines are driven by central bank policy errors that led to global economic recessions. During an economic recession, the world activity reduces causing the oil demand to reduce. The current oil price decline is not a cause of a decline in oil demand instead it is driven by an increase in supply. Due to the fracking technology oil…

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  • Business Cycle: Recovery, Peak, Recession, And Trough

    the business cycle: Recovery, Peak, Recession, and Trough. During the recovery period the economy is growing. This means that there will be more job openings and businesses will increase product. People are willing to spend more money because times are good for them at the moment and they are very optimistic about the future. During the peak period the economy is at its highest point. This means that prices will be high because demand is high. During the recession period the economy is…

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