Walmart Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… The downturn of the economy causes consumers to spend less and seek better bargains for the money they spend. This causes companies to be in a unique situation. Companies have to make the decision to increase prices or to let employees go to keep their businesses alive. The United States recession of 2008 saw a decrease in employment of over 6% double that of all previous postwar recessions (Auguste, Lund, & Manyika, 2011).
During the most recent economic recession one million jobs were lost in the retail sector. After the recession the industry added more than 90,000 jobs, but it still resulted in job losses offsetting job gains because of rough economic time (McCall, 2011). The effects of the economic trends are also felt by Walmart. In an effort to cut cost, Wal-Mart had to eliminate health insurance coverage for part-time employees and increasing premiums for others (Wright, 2011). This strategy allowed Walmart to cut costs without eliminating positions or increasing
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Without talented, hardworking employees supporting Walmart, the company can struggle in obtaining success. The one area Walmart has struggled in relating to achieving its business goals is human resources management. Walmart did face off against female employees to dispute allegations of gender discrimination in the Supreme Court (Moran, 2011). Human capital can dramatically affect market value and the realization of this makes Walmart strive to increase competitive advantage by placing emphasis on performance. Walmart hopes to advance business goals by creating a good workplace culture and performance management process (Reed-Woodard, …show more content…
The SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis on Walmart displays concerns about the focus on increasing Internet sales while still maintaining the appeal of the one-stop shop. A benchmarking analysis between Walmart its competitor Target reveals that Walmart should rebrand its Great Value private label and make it more appealing to consumers. Walmart should continue to implement tactics to achieve strategic goals. Bringing products back to the shelves can achieve this goal. Though the company displays some weaknesses and has areas to grow in, they also display successes and have a very bright

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