Wal-Mart: The High Cost Of Low Price By Robert Greenwald

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Wal-Mart a multibillion corporation is one of the largest companies in the US, employing about 1% of the American workforce. By offering some of the lowest prices on the market they quickly took over the business. But as Wal-Mart grew so did the grievances against it. In the documentary “Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price” by Robert Greenwald the effects of the business on its employees and the communities they serve was investigated, the harm the corporation brings to its workers through the world and communities is much higher than the benefits of lower prices.
The “Everyday Low Prices” Wal-Mart offers comes at the expense of many workers at different stages. Cases of unlivable wages, forced overtime work without pay, and intimidation
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After the ruling Wal-Mart settled for
$151 million for 187,000 employees that worked for the company between 1998-2006.
Wal-Marts statement when addressing the decision of the court was not concern for the employees or their rights, not promising to make sure incidences like this do not happen again, but simply stating that plaintiffs should have not been allowed to “piggyback” on larger class

Tedros2 action suits, it rather have been made a requirement for them to make their own cases. Since manager at local stores are not allowed to go beyond the set amount of payroll, they look for other alternatives to get the job done. Going to measures such as work without pay, or as the employees in the documentary by Greenwald claim even decreasing worked hours so they can meet their limit.
Wages retail stores pay their employees are not new to criticism. A mother of two that
Greenwald featured on the documentary explains the difficulty of life as an employee of the largest retail store in the country. Going to work having to work extra without pay with
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Her paycheck barely covering her living expenses including the healthcare plan the company offers, she was told by Wal-Mart to seek out public assistance. Many other workers are having similar experiences for instance, in 2012 of all employers in the State of Wisconsin
Wal-Mart had the most employees enrolled in Medicaid which was about 9,200 people. Public assistance is a great way for families to seek help when they are experiencing hard times, but as
NOW Actions Vice President Olga Vives states in the National NOW Times “Welfare is not, however a way for supposedly respectable, profitable businesses to avoid paying their employees decent wages and providing them with affordable health insurance” (Bennet 3). A multi billion company should offer a more affordable healthcare plan to its employees, instead of encouraging public assistance.
The nation’s largest company is met with large protests when trying to open stores in some small communities. Wal-Mart being a retail store where you could basically find everything you need at extremely low prices makes it an almost impossible company to compete

Tedros3 with. Many small businesses that are present before Wal-Mart arrives, have a high risk

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