The Importance Of Organizational Culture At Walmart

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Register to read the introduction… Key to Wal-Mart’s organizational culture is the understanding that its associates and the people Wal-Mart serves are its greatest assets, without which the organization could not succeed (Three Basic Beliefs, 2007). Organizational culture at Wal-Mart encompasses several key concepts, including sustainability, associate values and benefits, community giving, foundational and matching grants, scholarships, volunteerism, and personal development. Its effects are observed throughout the organization, from high level executives taking time to listen and respond to concerns of front-line associates choosing to exercise the open door policy, to employee meetings soliciting ideas and feedback from associates, regardless of tenure or location held, taking place in each of its stores. Customers experience its effects in the cheerful greeting received when entering or exiting a store and in Wal-Mart’s liberal merchandise return policies, while members of surrounding communities benefit from its community outreach …show more content…
Wal-Mart’s dynamic leader, whose vision, empathy, and work ethic centered on achieving his objectives through hard work, with consideration for, and inclusion of all associates, enabled him to inspire others to work toward achieving his vision (Bergdahl, 2004). Ultimately, through the creation and maintenance of a healthy organizational culture, in which all management decisions and employee behavior align with Sam Walton’s vision and the three central values on which the organization was founded, Wal-Mart has grown to become both a cultural icon, and a neighborhood landmark; the epitome of retailing success. Walking through a store, one may hear the cheer and see the standard Wal-Mart colors and not think anything much of it. While perusing the merchandise displays, customers may not realize they are seeing the result of careful listening and planning, incorporating feedback harvested from associates and customers. Continuation of Wal-Mart’s commitment to cultural, leadership and management excellence will likely continue to set this organization apart from most others, forever altering the landscape of American

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