Ethics And Ethical Issues In The Case Of Walmart

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Walmart is a corporation that is known not only in the United States but worldwide. The decision point covers the company’s ethics and how it handled a situation that occurred in their Mexico location. This paper will use the ethical decision-making model to identify the facts, ethical issues and the stakeholders. It will also cover the available alternatives, how decisions affect the stakeholders and offer guidance.
Determine the facts
The New York Times reported that an internal investigation by Walmart had evidence that there was bribery and corruption happening in the Mexican operations. This was reported in April of 2012. The investigation also showed that Walmart executives in Mexico were aware of the bribery and corruption and
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There are many ethical issues in the case of Walmart. If everything The New York Times reported is true and there is evidence to support it then Walmart would be guilty. It is an ethical issue that Walmart participated in bribery to get what they wanted in Mexico and lied once they were confronted. Executives were aware of the bribery and corruption taking place in the Mexican operations but failed to stop it. This choice affected the company’s reputation and created doubts and uncertainty with their …show more content…
The company employs over 2 million employees. In the decision point, Walmart is described as well-known for “its aggressive practices aimed at controlling labor costs” (Hartman, DesJardins, & MacDonald, 2014, p. 213). Perhaps, this is the reason the company has made very unethical decisions when it comes to their employees. One way the company cut cost was by reducing the amount of money they paid toward health care costs. The company is also in the spotlight for the minimal wages they pay their employees. Last, it was proved that the corporation was hiring illegal aliens to work. By doing this, the company could get by with paying them very little in wages.
Identify stakeholders A stakeholder in this situation would be anyone affected by the ethical issues discussed above. The executives at Walmart are considered stakeholders because they have a financial stake in the business. Their financial stake could include stocks, bonds, and more. The employees have just as much at stake as the executives and owners of Walmart would. Their livelihood depends on their jobs. Others that could be considered stakeholders would be the customers of Walmart as well as the communities around the company.
Consider the available

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