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  • Snig Siong Case Study

    With population of 1.4 billion people and growing economic in China, SSG next growth opportunities may be to expend their businesses into China. In 2014, SSG has proposed a joint venture with Kunming Luchen Group Co. Ltd to operate supermarkets in China (Tan, 2015). SSG has to prepare themselves for a long gestation period to meet long-term growth due to the competitive retail market in china. Also, initial research about their culture and behaviors…

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  • Battle Of Myitkyina Essay

    The Battle of Myitkyina During World War II, a major battle took place between the Japanese and American forces which would come to be known as the Battle of Myitkyina. This battle lasted from March 15, 1944 to August 3, 1944 and took place mainly on the Ava Bridge located in the Northern Burma Region. The Battle of Myitkyina resulted in the Myitkyina Airfield being seized which was the last remaining stronghold controlled by the Japanese forces. This battle would prove to be a decisive…

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  • Mao In The Long March Essay

    Mao’s superb political wisdom, superior military thinking, and operational command made a great contribution towards the Chinese Red Army to achieve victory in the Long March. This statement, with supporting evidences presented in this essay will show that because of Mao’s great leadership during the Long March, helped the Chinese Red Army to survive. First, Mao led the successful Zunyi Meeting. Due to the wrong command by the previous leaders of the army (Li De and Bo GU), the relations between…

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  • Cognitive Function And Vitamin B1

    Cognitive function is a complicated function of human brain. The risk factors of cognitive function are not comprehensive. Cognitive function can be influenced by psychological (Santos et al.,2012 ), nutritional, medical (including medical conditions and prescription and nonprescription medications), social, economic, or behavioral, toxic environmental exposures, and genetic factors(Plassman et al., 2010) . As worldwide population aging, this topic increasingly interests researchers. There are…

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