Homosexuality In China Essay

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The Daily Life of Homosexual in China:
An Introduction
Due to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights in the world introduction wrote by Kelly Kollman and Matthew Waites, the world have been changed decades and the LGBT movement is still continuing to develop. (2009) However, China has the highest population of the world, which also means it contains tremendous numbers of LGBT population. But compares to the western countries, the Chinese government seems to spontaneously ignore this special group. The neglect of LGBT group caused more problem for traditional heterosexual to understand and embrace the LGBT culture. Even distorting it’s definition by heterosexism and spread their idea rampantly. In this article, I will explore
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Sex has been as a forbidden topic for years. Marriage is more as a family business than love and passion. Due to the research of 15 man who have the sexual experience with other male, participants shows that the Chinese traditional moral code, the gender roles, and family values are more important than their own demands which covered by compromise to get into an exterior heterosexual marriage to represent their social and family responsibility. The settlement is extremely unhealthy because of they will try to having a fair with others to satisfy their sex sexual desire. (Koo, Gao, Fu, Jing, Chen,& Zhang, 2014). However, the situation is has been changed in HongKong as an individual area where have a different policy. The easiest way to describe current LGBT life in China would be the measures of happiness — satisfaction. Due to the investigation of 187 Chinese gay men in Hong Kong, there is obviously a connection between the high-quality level of life and weak borderline personality traits. Participants show that they generally satisfied by varies part of their lives. The elements of the gay distress including sexual orientation discrimination and oppressor, a sense of differentness, and the absence of social support. (Landolt and Dutton, 1997)Also, “came out” seems to be a crucial source of gay …show more content…
2011). Under the pressure of traditional Chinese social culture, the homosexual group will enter an unwilling marriage with heterosexual individuals, and have averse sexual activity with the partner by the willing of parents that “propagating” the next generation for passing the family name. Nevertheless, the homosexual will deviate their external moral partner, and have coitus behavior with the other homosexual clandestinely for meet their sexual desire. There is no doubt that this form of sexual lifestyle will increase the danger of sexual disease like AIDS and Syphilis. Because of the confidentiality of this sexual relationship, the location of this behavior usually occurs in some dirty outdoor area like woods or some shady lane. Even worse that would be the impulsive sex happened in some public washroom with a complete stranger. In addition, LGB group are facing the danger of self-harm and psychological problems. In KongKong, the education system is generally continuing the British colonial tradition after Chinese government took the sovereignty back. Schools with Catholic and Protestant missionary backgrounds are copious by the close relationship between government and church authorities. (Cheng 2004; Tan 1997). The statistics show that about 50% of secondary school belongs to a religious organization.(Hong Kong SAR Government 2012). The pressure

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