Mao In The Long March Essay

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Mao’s superb political wisdom, superior military thinking, and operational command made a great contribution towards the Chinese Red Army to achieve victory in the Long March. This statement, with supporting evidences presented in this essay will show that because of Mao’s great leadership during the Long March, helped the Chinese Red Army to survive.
First, Mao led the successful Zunyi Meeting. Due to the wrong command by the previous leaders of the army (Li De and Bo GU), the relations between the Party and the central Red Army’s survival was at risk. Mao was able to turn the tide and beat Wang Ming "left" wing ruling within the party and rule the Party and turning the tide for the Red Army. Eventually Mao would lead the Chinese Red Army to survival.
In detail, in October 1934,
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(2) It cancelled the three member commander group, but kept chief Zhu as the military commander, and Comrade Zhu was commissioned by the party on the military command.” [ ] The meeting settled the most pressing military and organizational issues facing the CPC Central Committee and the Central Red Army, which was ending Wang‘s "Left” wing ruling. It established the CPC Central Committee and Mao's Red Army leadership. In the Zunyi Meeting, Mao has played a key role. It ended Mao’s ideological struggle within the party. It also solved the major problems that were facing the Red Army’s survival. The success of the Zunyi Meeting fully showed Mao unparalleled political wisdom and courage.
Second, Mao had great skills on the operational command and distinguished leadership. In scenarios like he led the central Red Army under highly mobile and flexible operational guidelines, where the central Red Army crossed the Chishui River four times. This strategic move by Mao helped the central Red Army achieve a decisive

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