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  • Closed Adoption Analysis

    her best friend, discovers that she is pregnant. Juno MacGuff is a quirky, off-beat teenager who doesn’t seem to care what others think of her. When she finds out that she is pregnant, she knows that she isn’t ready to be a mother, but isn’t sure what to do about her most recent dilemma. After talking to the baby’s father, who happens to be her best friend, Paulie Bleeker, she decides that it would be a better idea to have an abortion. However, Juno ultimately decides that she can’t go through…

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  • Interpersonal Communication In The Penny Saver By Mccornuno

    to adopt a child. Vanessa is dead set on having a baby, but did not seem to consider her husband’s thoughts. Mark seemed like he was more set on trying to become a musician than a father. There is a scene in the movie when Vanessa realized that Juno saw their ad in the Penny Saver paper, Vanessa seems confused and surprised that the as was actually in the Penny Saver. However, she never does ask Mark why he chose the Penny Saver as his way to advertise for a baby. By Mark taking it upon…

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  • Similarities Between Ovid And Lastman's Interpretation Of The Story Of Io

    situation to his wife Juno and she rushes to the Earth intent on discovering Jupiter’s…

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  • The Role Of Augustus In The Aeneid

    earth Chaos, raising such riot of waves without my blessing.” (1.56-57) Clearly stating that in the seas he is the one who is the law and no other God or Queen can take that away because it was given to him “by destiny.” However it is apparent that Juno is capable of causing an effect on Aeneas’ behavior with her actions of trying to stop him and his fleet from reaching Italy. Once the storm beings to cause extreme destruction Aeneas throws a tantrum showing direct characterization and of how…

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  • All I Want Is You Analysis

    set boundaries. To reach that level, one needs to express love, support and understanding. In the song “All I Want Is You” by Barry Louis Polisar, the lyrics brilliantly demonstrate the relation between the 3 main characters, Juno, Mark, and Vanessa, in Diablo Cody’s “Juno”. To begin with, the relationship between Mark and Vanessa is not only tense but also paradoxical of the lyrics in the song. Firstly, Barry Louis Polisar pleads, “If i were a flower growing wild and free, All I’d want…

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  • The Importance Of Love In Virgil's Aeneid

    ideas that last forever; she argues that love is not fully knowledgeable or ignorant, and that the soul is more beautiful than the body. These ideals can be seen through the love Juno has for Carthage, the love Aeneas has for pietas, and the love Anchises has for Aeneas. (does this need more of an intro sentence?) Juno has a love for Carthage unlike a common love. Her love…

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  • Behavioral, Emotional And Physical Development In Adolescents

    the brain and physical development in teens undergo various and drastic changes, these changes impact their behavioral, emotional and social skills. The adolescent character, Juno MacGuff, from the independent comedy film, Juno, demonstrate how crucial adolescent years are. The film shares the story of sixteen years old Juno, who experienced various obstacles as she goes through high school as a pregnant teenager. In addition, the film also demonstrates how imperative it is for middle and high…

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  • The Aeneid Fate Analysis

    something from occurring, once it has been fated to happen. Juno does not agree with the fate that has been set that Aeneas will found Rome, but she is unable to prevent it from happening. Another driving force throughout the novel is Juno’s personal choice power. Juno may not be able to prevent fate, but she is able to do while staying within the constraints of fate, prolong the process of founding Rome, and kill as many people as possible. Juno begins devising a plan against Aeneas’s fate,…

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  • Depiction Of Death In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

    Diablo Cody 's Juno and William Shakespeare 's Romeo & Juliet are both stories that explore the idea of young love and its impacts on those involved. Even though these stories are written hundreds of years apart, they both incorporate a unique depiction of death. In Romeo & Juliet, death is depicted in the conventional sense and is met with drama from the characters. On the other hand, Juno depicts death as a much more metaphorical event and is met with a lighthearted and comical atmosphere.…

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  • Appropriate Behavior Case Study: Juno's Case

    Juno’s case deals with a myriad of issues of early abandonment, low human interaction, racism, bullying, and even linguistic problems. However, as focusing on the past are not the salient points for behavioral approach, our goal here is to teach Juno to eliminate unwanted behaviors and learn new behaviors that most possibly can overcome his social anxiety disorder. In a way, he learned those certain types of inappropriate behaviors, so it is possible to learn new behaviors to decrease his…

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