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  • Montgomery Coat Company

    The Berkeley Coat Company is a Japan developing company that focuses on developing suitable solutions to the Japanese people. The areas of the development allows consumers to purchase coats of their choosing. As far as our business plan goes, we plan on licensing/franchising the company This report was commissioned to examine why the sales volume of the Berkeley Coat Company has decreased over the past three years, since reaching its peak and recommending ways of increasing demands for coats.…

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  • High Context Culture

    culture, for example: arts, gastronomy, celebrations, and performing arts etc. Gastronomy is a study between food and culture. There are a lot of cuisine from different country or from the specific races such as French cuisine, Italian cuisine or Japanese cuisine while in China they can differentiate to regional cuisines such as…

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  • Japanese Traditional Art's Class

    I came to Japan to learn Japanese language because I thought it would be useful in the future both professionally and personally. I think learning language is linked with culture. I know that Japan is a country with ancient history and it’s very own unique culture. I really wanted to learn more about it. One of the courses that APU offers for students to learn and have first-hand experience about Japanese culture is Japanese traditional art’s class. I think this class fits me best because…

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  • How Sushi Went Global Summary

    The topic of Week nine is the foodways of Japanese-Americans, and how they differ from Japanese traditions. To learn more about this, we were assigned four readings. The first one, “Japan: Japanese Food”, by Ayako Yoshimura explains the diffusion of Japanese foodways into America. She starts by describing how Japanese people entered the United States, which occurred when the Edo seclusion policy was nullified, allowing people to migrate in order to find work. A large percentage flocked to…

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  • Jiro Dreams Of Sushi Documentary Analysis

    question is, is Jiro Ono really the best sushi chef in the world? This documentary included high definition pictures of all types of sushi and all the ingredients along with amazing and calm music which attracts viewers, the most. The film contains of a Japanese critic, the patient workers, an apprentice, dealers of the ingredients such as fish and rice and the customers. Everyone treats Jiro with so much respect; you won’t see a character in the film, talking against him expressing their own…

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  • An Analysis Of Kabuo's Snow Falling On Cedars

    Off the west coast of the United States, a population of five thousand people, call San Piedro their home. Within San Piedro, the small village of Amity Harbor harbors the citizens of the novel, whose attitudes towards each other direct the plot of the story. Here, the main protagonist, Kabuo, solemnly awaits the outcome of his trail. Throughout the trail, a heavy, unexpected snowstorm blankets the town, along with the sins and mistreatments committed by the citizens. Author Michael Harris,…

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  • Yasukuni Shrine Essay

    August 2001 was intended to garner political support from prominent Japanese rightists, had the added effect of internationalising the issue. Within China and Korea, Yasukuni is considered to be a symbol of Japanese imperialism and expansionist militarism. Further, the enshrinement of Japan's 14 Class A war criminals in 1977 has been a source of contention within both Japan, and mainland Asia. Scholars generally agree that the Japanese Prime Minister, in visiting Yasukuni shrine, is venerating…

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  • Gary Soto's In Where Sparrows Work Hard

    Critical Survey of Poetry summarizes, ”In Where Sparrows Work Hard, Soto returns to familiar sights: the neighborhood, the tire factory, the fields, and family. As this book progresses, however, there are some happy, sometimes comic moments that relieve the despair.” In this…

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  • American Sign Language: Lexical Borrowing In American Sign Language

    aware of their signs and are “borrowing” those signs to use in ASL. Such an example can be “J” next to eye for Japan, but now we know what sign they use for Japan and we start borrowing that to use in ASL to be more appropriate and not to offend the Japanese. Not only does ASL borrows it signs…

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  • Departures Film Analysis

    Departures is an award-winning Japanese film about a young man who returns to his small hometown and works as an undertaker after an orchestra in Tokyo he is a member is disbanded. The Japanese name of the film is Okuribito, which means "the one who sends off" and describes Daito 's career as someone who prepares bodies before they are placed in coffins to be cremated. Daito 's job involves cleaning, clothing, and making up the person to the family 's liking before they say their goodbyes.…

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