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  • Masculinity In Annie Proulx's Brokeback Mountain

    summer of 1963. Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist get paired together that summer to herd sheep on Brokeback Mountain. Ennis Del Mar is the main character and narrates the book. Ennis describes him and Jack as, "high school dropout country boys with no prospects, brought up to hard work and privation, both rough-mannered, rough-spoken, inured to the stoic life." (Proulx 3) One night on the mountain their relationship led to intimacy, an unexpected encounter for both Ennis and Jack. This was surprising for the characters since neither of them considered themselves to be gay. Although Ennis is engaged to be married, they continue the affair the rest of that summer. They part ways and meet up again years down the road. Both men are married with children. They both had missed each other’s company and decide to take a “fishing trip” a couple times a year to rekindle their relationship that started on Brokeback Mountain. Ennis makes it very clear that they cannot be together like Jack would like them to be. Jack would like to live with Ennis and own a ranch together. Ennis believes it just wouldn’t work because of where they live, who they are as men,…

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  • Scarers Film Analysis

    A troubled detective investigates the murder of another cop that leads to a deep conspiracy. STORY COMMENTS The script TRACERS is a crime-thriller that appears to be based on true events. Murder and police thrillers are tried and true. There’s always an audience for a great mystery. The script offers various twists and turns, violence, murder, and a bit of romance. The story also takes place in a unique time (1960’s) and location. The goal is clear and the stakes are very high. The…

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  • What Are Two Strand Twists

    Two Strand Twists On Natural Hair Mae aka The Naturalchica rocks two strand twists When it comes to styling, there probably isn’t a more popular hairstyle than two strand twists on natural hair. Two strand twists are a popular natural hair style for a number of reasons. They are quite easy to do, can be very long lasting depending on the size you make them, help to reduce knots and tangles, can almost always be styled as you would style your loose hair and can be undone to create another…

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  • Rhiannon Analysis

    of people (timeline unknown) and that they killed the Indians that saved them, but then went on killing others, but the motivation is unclear regarding why. Construct a backstory about the lost colony that is easier to follow and clarify why the entire town would be hiding this secret, including the grandfather. The concept of “Preservation” is alluring and the idea of a town with inbred deformities is fascinating and spooky, but again, the backstory and motivation for their actions need to be…

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  • Execution Day: A Review Of A Film

    DAY presents as a dramatic crime thriller. The story centers on a detective who tracks down a serial killer. Because there have been so many of these types of films, to stand out the script needs to offer the genre something new. The script attempts to do this with the idea of the protagonist planting evidence. There’s definite merit to the idea of a police detective being so frustrated by a case that they “help” with the evidence. It’s a nice set up for conflict and tension, as well as a moral…

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  • The Help By Charles Dickens Book Report

    His success as a novelist continued. He wrote many books in a short time. Among the most famous is Oliver Twist and Nicholas Nickleby. The books were published in monthly episodes before they were published as books. Kathryn Stockett is an american novelist and editor born in 1969 in Jackson, Mississippi. She is best known for her book “The Help”. Kathryn studied creative writing for her undergraduate program from university of Alabama. After her graduation she moved to New York to pursue…

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  • Jack Wills Brand Analysis

    aims to improve the performance of Jack Wills via using the 4D Branding framework to analyse and compare among the Jack Wills, Hollister Co. and Clarks shoes. Jack Wills is a preppy British brand which was launched in 1999 in Salcombe, Devon, designing British heritage-inspired goods for the university crowd. The brand and design strategy is using the finest quality materials, techniques and design to deliver distinctive connection between the old and new, epitomising what it is to be young and…

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  • Miracle League Narrative

    The park was crowed as everyone cherished his last game. It was a special moment, the kids felt like rockstars.Their laughs and smiles brightened up my day. "Darryl!" I turned around and saw Jack racing full speed towards me. He gave me a high five that stung my hand, and we talked for a little while. The game was about to start, so we headed towards the field. I could smell the popcorn in the air, and Jack said he wanted some so I bought it. "Today 's my last game" said Jack "are you coming…

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  • Wonder By R. J Palacio Summary

    1. THEME: The theme in the realistic fiction story Wonder by R.J Palacio is, it doesn’t matter what’s on the outside it’s the inside that counts. I know that’s probably the most cliche saying ever but, it’s true especially in the book Wonder. I say this because the main character August isn’t very well liked at first by anyone but Summer, because of the way he looks, this is especially sad because August has an amazing personality according to Jack, Jack says “... if all the guys in the fifth…

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  • Charles Dickens Morality

    REPRESENTATION OF CRIMINAL CHARACTERS Charles Dickens writes about the lower classes and the activities in the underbelly of London society.We see some characters doing illegal,nasty and sometimes horrifying things,yet Dickens is careful to give at least some of these lower-class characters a code of ethics ,adding realism and respectability.The character that perhaps best embodies such a code of ethics is Nancy,and looking closely at her scenes can lend great insight into our reading of Oliver…

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