Pedro Álvares Cabral

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  • Pedro Álvares Cabral To Africa

    Pedro Álvares Cabral was not just an amazing explorer, but the founder of brazil too. When he set foot on the “new land” he named the new land the Inland of the true cross but later the named changed to Brazil due to dyewood found in paulo-Brazil. Before all that, another explorer Vasco Da Gama was tired after he did an returned from another expedition to India so instead ,Pedro Álvares Cabral took the expedition to the “new” expedition . The King wanted to take the advantage of the new trade routes that opened up so he sent 13 ships and Pedro Álvares Cabral to Africa. The expedition to Africa sounds boring but really, it has some action pack to it. the biography of Pedro Álvares Cabral. To begin with, he was born into a wealthy family…

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  • Research Paper On Vasco Da Gama

    More important for his home country, Cabral established the first Portuguese trading post in India. In 1502, Vasco da Gama helmed another journey to India that included 20 ships. Married at this time, and the father of six sons, da Gama settled into retirement and family life. Vasco Da Gama died on Dec 24, 1524. He was 55 when he died and he died in Cochin- the result, it has been speculated, from possibly overworking him. Vasco da Gama was the first person to sail directly from Europe to India.…

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  • Essay On Texas Immigration

    He was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, in Barrio Cabanas- one of the most dangerous cities in the entire world. There were a low of shootings, a lot of killing, a lot of violence, and little to no opportunity. Growing up, they lived next to a really dirty creek. This is a memorable place because in the creek were various things, things such as dead animals and people. People would use this river to wash their clothes, fish for food, and bathe. He had watched his younger brother pass away in…

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  • Causes And Effects Of Latin American Revolutions

    a clear hero even though both Hidalgo and Morelos were significant symbols of the revolution in Mexico. Mexico had a bloody revolution, but unlike other countries the main revolutionary force was the lower class. Brazil, however, had a unique process to acquire independence. Brazil was the only Latin American country that did not have to fight a war to gain independence. Instead, Brazil gained its independence through a process of political actions. When Napoleon invaded Portugal the royal…

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  • Ines Of My Soul Chapter Summary

    After having divided the forces of Spaniards, the Indians attacked the city and almost destroyed it. In the fifth chapter (1542-1549), Valdivia send Monroy to seek help in Peru to bring the decline of the city down. Hopefully for the settlers, Monroy found help and the link with Peru allow the Chile to be prosperous again. Meanwhile, Pedro successfully helps the royal troops to takedown Pissarro. However, he had to coped with a trial because of his enemies and have to break up with Ines that…

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  • Global Art Cinema

    (international) success of art cinema depends on the word-of-mouth publicity it receives while traveling along film festival circuits. Galt and Schoonover state, “If art films are to travel to international audiences, they must make the claim that their forms and stories are comprehensible across languages and cultures (2010, p.10).” Among the many critically acclaimed filmmakers associated with art cinema, only few have been able to prosper beyond their region. Included in this group is Spanish…

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  • Villa America Thesis

    the union army to dig up his stash of gold he had hidden before the war. He used this to help fund his expenditure and establish the colony. After making their travel plans with the help of Brazil, these people decided to forge on and create a new colony based on the old south. They found a sympathetic ear with Brazil’s Don Pedro II, then emperor of Brazil, who welcomed the new immigrants with open arms. Pedro figured that he could solve a couple of his problems by inviting white southerners to…

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  • Vasco Da Gama Research Paper

    a trade route again was because news had spread that the voyage of Bartolomeu Dias had found that the Atlantic and Indian Oceans were directly connected. Da Gama was the navigator chosen to lead the fleet by Dom Manuel. It was on July 8 of 1497 that Da Gama had set sail with a fleet of 4 ships and a crew of around 165 men to find a new route. This was Vasco Da Gama’s first voyage set solely for exploration and the result completely opened up the maritime trade routes of Europe and Asia. The…

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  • The Incas In Latin America

    to be servant in the palace or to be wives of nobles. G. Children would begin working in the fields around the age of three. Babies were left in the hut alone or with older siblings while their parents worked in the fields. At the age of fourteen, children would be given their adult name and begin to live and work as adults. H. There was almost no crime because the punishments were harsh. I. Men had to marry by the age of twenty, or a wife would be chosen for them. All marriages were…

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  • Bartolomeu Dias Research Paper

    João's successor, Manuel I ordered Dias to serve as a shipbuilding consultant for the expedition of Vasco da Gama. Dias sailed with the da Gama expedition as far as the Cape Verde Islands, then returned to Guinea. Da Gama's ships reached their goal of India in May 1498. Afterward, Manuel sent out a massive fleet to India under Pedro Álvares Cabral and Dias captained four of the ships. They reached Brazil in March 1500, then headed across the Atlantic toward South Africa and, further ahead, the…

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