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  • Creative Writing: Moving Away

    Splat. Splat. Splat. The water softly rained down from the sky, hitting the schoolboy’s black sweatshirt. His head hung low, his feet shuffled, and his backpack dragged him down. The people around him rushed by, trying to get out of the rain. The cars zoomed past, headlights blazing against the tall buildings in the city. He was used to walking back to his dad’s apartment from school. It may have been a few miles, but he enjoyed the solitude. Besides, it wasn’t like his dad was going to pick him up. He was too busy at the bar, drinking his life away. It would be another night where the boy’s only meal would be plastic packages of snacks. SplashSplashSplashSplash. The boy adjusted his ears as he heard the dash of footsteps on water. His arms became stiff and his knuckles tightened on the straps of his backpack. “MARK!!! MARK WAIT UP!” A high-pitched, nasally voice behind him yelled out. He recognized it immediately. His paces quickened, a mix of frustration and desperation bubbling up in his stomach. “MARK I KNOW YOU HEARD ME, SO STOP!!!” the voice commanded. He sighed, lessening his strides. He heard gasps of air as the girl who called for him slowed down. “You have amnesia or somethin’?” She nudged at him, brows furrowing. ”’Cause, like, I’m pretty sure we made plans tonight.” The boy finally lifted his head up, staring dangerously at the girl. Her overdrawn black eyeliner was starting to smudge and her straightened bright pink hair began frizzing. “Miranda,” he spat…

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  • Marketing: A Case Study Of Qantas's Success

    several aspects within its promotion mix. The Qantas engages in the following form of promotion: Advertising Qantas promotions concentrate on the trademark brand Red Roo. It promotes the idea of Australia and fun loving country. Qantas spends more than $275 million a year on staff training to ensure a very positive interaction between its customers. People are associated with the product and this makes the brand more attractive than its competitors product. Advertising : Qantas uses…

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