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  • Analysis Of Tarjei Vesaas The Ice Palace

    In times of grief, everyone copes differently. Some seek comfort from loved ones, some desire time alone with their thoughts, and some blame themselves. In Tarjei Vesaas’ The Ice Palace, Siss experiences all of the above as she struggles to understand Unn’s loss. Guilt floods her senses, manifesting itself in a promise to think of Unn and only Unn always. Her promise isolates Siss from her friends and family as she forces herself to keep Unn alive in her memory. Siss so dutifully observes her promise that the thought of spending time with her friends as she used to terrifies her, and she envisions the ice palace, which she heavily associates with Unn and the promise, crumbling beneath them as punishment. However, the pain and loneliness her…

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  • Skin Bleaching Research Paper

    acceptable. Due to globalization Guyanese are exposed to North American Television programs. Though beautiful women of color like Queen Latifah, Rihanna and others have achieved renown in U.S. culture, media representations of these women have become increasingly “whitewashed” over time. When we do see women of color represented as beauty icons in media, they almost always already fit white ideals –meaning they already have light skin tones, light-colored, straight hair etc. Millions of dollars…

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