Walkin' After Midnight

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  • Patsy Cline: Music Analysis

    I choose the songs “Walkin’ After Midnight” by Patsy Cline (1957), “Darkest Valley” by Group 1 Crew (2012), and “Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been” by Relient K (2004). I choose these three pieces because they are all something that I listen to regularly and they demonstrate a variety of styles in music. Patsy Cline was an iconic female country singer that won awards at the Deejay Convention, won Billboard’s “Most Promising Country & Western Female Artist,” and Music Vendor’s “Greatest Achievement in Records” all just for “Walking After Midnight” (Jones, 1994, p. 159). “Walkin’ After Midnight” music was written by Alan Block and the lyrics were written by Don Hecht ("Walkin' After Midnight." Second Hand Songs - A Cover Songs Database.). It was…

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  • Frost At Midnight Analysis

    Within “Frost at Midnight,” Samuel Coleridge validates the importance of self-reflection through solitude. Coleridge creates a scenic image of the world around the speaker during the time of his solitude. During his time alone, the speaker reflects about his childhood and the aspiration he has for the infant child sleeping in the cottage. The importance of solitude demonstrated in “Frost at Midnight” by the feelings the speaker has, the time intervals from present to past, and the speaker’s…

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  • The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner Analysis

    In 1798 a well-known poet named Samuel Taylor Coleridge published his poem The Rime of The Ancient Mariner. The poem was contained in a poem collage by Coleridge and William Wordsworth called the Lyrical Ballads. Coleridge is known for the Romantic influence in his writings: “Coleridge achieved wonder by the frank violation of natural laws, impressing upon readers a sense of occult powers and unknown modes of being” (“The Romantic Period: Topics.” The Norton Anthology of English Literature).…

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  • What Is A Game Day Essay

    ready for the game. I knew in my heart we could be successful. I loved everything about that day until the first blow. A ball nailed me in the head during warmups. I did not see it coming. I turned around for a split second, and suddenly a meteor shot me in the head. It stung for a second, but I did my best to shake it off. The game began and within the first 30 seconds, the other team scored. They scored 3 goals in the first 5 minutes. Although this was not a blow to my head, it still felt…

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  • The Brothers Grimm's Cinderella

    name for the main protagonist of the story shows how much women were belittled. One can argue that Cinderella is in fact her name, but even through the story’s exposition does the reader see it all but a nickname. This woman in one of the most profound “children’s story” is not even worthy enough for a name because “she always looked dusty and dirty” (Grimm 20). As if this was not enough, the Grimm brothers did not even allow Cinderella to help herself. She had to rely on some sort of outside…

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  • The Regidor By Antonio Guzman Analysis

    The letter that Corregidor Alonso Guzman had given him had its desired effect. On reading it, the official in charge of the first regidor of Madrid’s office made an appointment for Antonio to see him at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, four days later. The official said it could not be earlier because the regidor was at Escorial and would not be returning for several days. Antonio wondered just how important the king’s life could be if the meeting could be delayed for that long. Couldn’t they send…

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  • Jacob's Grandfather: Abe Portman

    After hearing grandfather’s last words, telling him to “go to the island”, Jacob comes face to tentacle with the monster that had killed his grandfather. No one believes Jacob’s story about how the monster killed his grandfather. Jacob begins to get depressed and starts having nightmares. Because of the nightmares and depression, he starts seeing a psychiatrist, Dr. Golan. Dr. Golan soon suggests that Jacob go to the island that is grandfather was telling him about, he thought that this would…

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  • Hilton's 'Onc Once On The Ground'

    of according insignificance to achievements and failures, plus to share compassion for what we have. After Eric explained to Karma how he had thought of being sick while he wasn’t, Karma answered that being afraid of the death leads people to think about it every day. He claimed that the rich people from the West aren’t ready for death because they haven’t been in touch with it. For Eric, Karma seems to be a happy man who integrates plenty of his life, without separating the elements of it.…

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  • Blizzardkit Love Story

    that leaf-bare, Blizzardkit and Cloudkit. Blizzardkit was born healthy and strong, but Cloudkit died from green-cough soon after being born. Lilysong raised her daughter to be a stone-cold fighter from the moment Blizzardkit was born. Lilysong believed in tough love, and she taught her daughter that her focus needed to be on the wellbeing of the clan. Lilysong taught her daughter that trivial things like friends and romance must never distract her from helping RiverClan. When Blizzardkit…

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  • Snow Boot Analysis

    This next boot had to be one that would have to carry me from the snow and ice into stores or restaurants. While I love being outdoors snowboarding or strapping on snow shoes, there are times when I have to go from the outdoors into a restaurant with my family. Stylish, lightweight and protective are the words of the day for the pair of boots I needed. Thankfully, I found those boots in the Pajar Men's Trooper Snow boot. Actually, if I'm being honest, the wife picked out the style that she…

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