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  • Song Analysis: Love Yours By J Cole

    Track 1: “Love Yours” by J Cole The Album 2014 Forest Hills Drive was one of the many anticipated albums of the year. It was promised to be Jermaine Cole’s best work. Although it was different, it did not disappoint its audience. One of the more underrated songs of that Album was “Love Yours”. This song starts off with a soothing steady beat with a undertone of sadness, but as it progresses it steadily builds suspension and builds rhythm and it brings your heart to a race. Every single of my alarms is set to this song for not only its soothing sound, but also for its theme of gratefulness making it my reminder every morning. “Love Yours” is a meaningful message from Cole about how you should remember your blessings, remember who and where…

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  • Sweetheart Of The Song Tra Bong: Chapter Analysis

    The endless nights, the ambushes, the disappearances. Next comes the biggest change of all. Mary Anne starts going to battles, experiences a new high. She begins killing and taking multiple war souvenirs. “Twice, though, she came in late at night. Very late. And then finally she did not come in at all” (99). But how is this just a change? How has she not gone crazy? She is collecting a necklace of tongues and chanting and dancing around a leopard head. What about the other hundred soldiers that…

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  • The Importance Of Mortality Sleep

    It is a blessing from God. Do we appreciate life or just let it flow on its own? People do not realize the blessing of life, after all once it is taken away from you, that is the end. If there were anyone who could tell us how pleasurable life is, it would definitely be the dead. We spend our lives procrastinating, leaving tasks for tomorrow, not certain we will even wake up the next day. Dickenson also proves this message as she assures the readers that we do not purposely dress for our funeral…

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  • Imagery In To My Dear And Loving Husband

    I will be identifying Anne Bradstreet’s usage of imagery in her poem “To My Dear and Loving Husband.” The key imageries will be analyzed in the way she uses it, how it functions, work together, the ideas/feelings delivered, and how it contributes to the meaning of the poem. Her consistency of her tone through out the poem displays her emotions of happiness she feels towards her husband. The image Bradstreets utilizes works well in forming coherent patterns. We can see this through the imagery…

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  • Message In A Bottle Nicholas Sparks Analysis

    Nicholas Sparks is known as the “King of Hearts” when it comes to the language of love. He has embodied the romance genre engaging audiences around the world with his intriguing power of narration. Many of Sparks novels stimulates from the real life stories of himself and his family, which he interprets their lives and traits through fictional characters. Readers are captivated by Sparks powerful novels because of its endless connection to their lives, leaving emotional imprints while capturing…

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  • The Changes In Life: The Story Of My Family

    dad that loved each other… or so I thought. The next my family was torn apart. Not all families are meant to stay together forever, when you no longer love a person the way you use to sometimes you just have to let go so you don’t hurt them more than you already are and that just happened to be the case for my family. Having your parents get divorced is a very hard thing in general, but when you have to hear the story for the first time, deal with all the emotions, move from home to home every…

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  • The Virtue Of Love In Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics

    Love: an aspect of life both complex and simple, both mysterious and apparent, both evasive and accessible. Great thinkers have mused over this concept, its different forms and effects, for centuries. Many ask the question of love's role in happiness: is it truly necessary? Both Plato and Aristotle argue the importance of love in attaining true contentment. However, the different forms they describe carry different connotations and different levels of influence on life. In Aristotle's…

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  • Esteban Symbolism

    Esteban’s desperateness to find Alba shows his love towards the only meaningful person left in his life. Without Alba, Esteban becomes nothing more than a “poor destroyed old man.” The reform-like actions taken by Esteban, saving his old foe and daughter, and having a beautiful bond with his granddaughter illustrate a moral revival in him. Esteban’s reforming and mending of his relationships towards the end of his life creates sympathy, proving further Howard’s claim that despite Esteban’s…

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  • Fall In Love Essay

    How to make someone fall in love There are various ways that love is put out into the world; one of the most elegant ways is romantically falling in love. That is a beautiful goal that numerous single, lonely women strive to achieve. Since love constantly surrounds humans making single woman feel even more alone than they already are. A huge milestone in a womens life is being in love and some have yet to achieve that point. Much like a huge disaster, there’s the aftermath of individuals…

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  • Essay On Decisiveness In Romeo And Juliet

    Laurence and Juliet hope to use this poison to prevent the wedding between Juliet and Paris. Juliet realizes she has a lot of pros and cons to consider, but by the end of her thoughts, Shakespeare quotes, “Romeo, I come! This do I drink to thee”(4.3.58). Juliet decides to drink the poison in hopes of her true love waking her. However, as Juliet drank the poison, she set off a domino effect, sealing her and Romeo’s fate. The messenger never departs to deliver the news to Romeo that Juliet is…

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