Ines Of My Soul By Isabel Allende Essay

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Inès of My Soul

Paper 1

Ines of My Soul is a book written by Isabel Allende and published in 2006. The novel, chronologically divided in 6 parts, narrates the story of Ines Suarez based on the history of her real homonym predestined to live as a seamstress in Extremadura (Spain) and who will finally participate to the conquest and the foundation of Chile through several wars against the local Indians.


The first chapter covers the years from 1500 to 1537, and begins in the city of Santiago de Nueva-Extremadura in Chile. Ines, feeling she is on the verge of dying, ask her daughter-in-law Isabella to write her memories. She starts by talking about the death of her beloved husband Rodrigo de Quiroga and of her actual situation as “highly placed senora” within the kingdom of Chile. Her memories begin by the description of her family and her hometown in the city of Plascencia where she met her first husband: Juan de Malaga with whom she lived a passionate relationship. She explains the origins of certain skills (cooking, healing, find water) that will be very useful for her future adventure. Dreaming of adventures and gold, her husband boards to the newly-discovered land: America. Ines will soon wish to follow him in this new land. Thanks to a king legislation to reunite the families, Ines obtains the right to ship to America. At the same time, Ines tell the story of Pedro de Valdivia, great warrior and tactician that will him also boards to the America…

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