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  • An Essay On Syrian Refugees

    Ever wondered what it is that is really happening to the Syrian people that is causing them so much grief as we see in the news? It is more than just bombs being dropped in the country of Syria, killing thousands of people. Even though many citizens are dying in Syria due to the war, a lot of them still remain there with almost no health assistance, food resources, and no education for the children because they are not given a place for safety resettlement. In the news, we only see that these…

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  • French Language Class

    University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of French and Italian College of Letters and Science Many people say that I am a member of the generation X, born just before the war, in a country that was right in the process of falling apart. Not long after I first saw the light of day, my country has changed several times its name, its anthem, geographical layout and national identity. I was waiting in line in the arms of my mother to get some milk, I have survived an awful authoritarian regime,…

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  • Violence And Corruption In The Middle East

    The ongoing violence and corruption in the Middle East Mostly from the Syrian civil war has resulted in 200,000 innocent people lives and has encouraged thousands of people to flee their country in search of protection and peace. Most refugees flee from Syria and Afghanistan to European countries that sometimes welcomes them, but other times they are horribly mistreated. How they are treated usually depends on what country they arrive in, what the countries government can afford to provide for…

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  • Border Controls As A Dimension Of The European Union's Counter-Terrorism Policy: A Critical Analysis

    “We are on the brink of a civil war,” said Patrick Calvar, Head of France Domestic Security Agency, after the numerous terroristic attacks in 2016. The growing coalition of ISIS has caused an increased number of terrorist linked attacks throughout Europe. After the 2015 attack on Paris the attacks continued in Nice, Germany, Normandy and Brussels.The first and bloodiest of a sequence of attacks taking place within two weeks took place in Nice, 84 people were killed when man drive a truck…

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  • The Refugee Crisis: Illegal Immigrants

    Among the many events that have marked the history, one of the most remarkable is surely the immigration. For centuries, the people around the world decide to leave their origin land to move to other countries in search of good jobs, better living conditions, and better quality of life. This phenomenon, often clandestine, increased more and more and it is in continuous growth during the years. People decide to leave their own country for personal, religion, politics, and economic situation. In…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of The Syrian Refugee Crisis

    Introduction One of the essential things in writing or any form of media to persuade individuals is the use of rhetoric and the tools of rhetoric. This analysis will discuss the use of rhetoric in addressing an audience on the imperative issue of the current refugee crisis and its overall impact on the European continent. There are two groups of refugees that this will be focusing on, the main group are Libyan refugees and the second group are Syrian refugees. The Libyan refugee crisis started…

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  • Moulin Rouge Research Paper

    The city and capital of France is Paris (Ehrlich, 1). Paris is well known to be called the “City of Lights.” Paris has been one of the world's most significant and beautiful city for quite a long time. Numerous travelers come to Paris to see the lights illuminate during the evening. The Eiffel Tower lights up at night and beautiful light shimmers the famous landmark. Moulin Rouge is also place that lights up during the evening and it is a popular place that draws in numerous tourists around the…

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  • Western European Migrant Crisis Analysis

    Everyday, thousands of migrants and refugees from Eastern Europe flood into western European countries. Most of these invaded countries, such as Hungary, Italy, and many others can not easily accommodate the migrants’ simple plea for help. The sudden influx of individuals and families flowing across borders from war torn countries is causing tension and unrest among all affected countries. Although some of the unaffected countries may not think much of the migrant problem, recently released…

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  • Global Issues In France

    Introduction Did you know that in France you can marry someone who is deceased? Or that in 1915, the French army was the first militia to use camouflage? Were you aware that the first every artificial heart and face transplant occurred in France? The country of France is filled with many intriguing facts. France is said to be a Western European country. Since the beginning, France has displayed that it is a dominant country. In 1792, France was turned from a kingdom into a republic due to the…

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  • Immigrant Adolescents Essay

    Immigrants from all over have come to the United States for better life chances such as work, school, and to escape violence. Many people perceive the United States as the greatest country on Earth because of the many job opportunities and great schools housed there. Because people are migrating to new lands or countries, I believed that it must be hard for immigrant youths to excel or adapt to a new culture. I believed this because I previously worked at an elementary school where there were…

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