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  • Immigration Reform In France

    remains a salient issue for all political parties in France, and although many outlooks on immigration are different, they lean towards xenophobia (Hollifield 167). Many French natives, saying that immigrants are the reason for the economic and social issues within France, often call upon reform. Those in favor of reform cite that social differences are at the heart of the problem with the immigrants. With a large number of immigrants settling into France, the proverbial “French identity” is at…

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  • Arc De Triumph: The Statue Of Liberty

    dream of seeing. Each monument I saw is imperative to France as well as the city of Paris. As an American, being in France was interesting experience not only because of the cultural differences. It was interesting because many of the monumental structures I saw were the models for monumental structures back in the United States. For example, the Arc de Triumph has a similar version called the Grand Army Plaza located in Brooklyn, New York. France is rich with history and cultural and it is…

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  • Environmental Effects On American Refugees

    With age come many challenges, especially for refugees. Combined with the pressure to assimilate to a new culture, the trials of old age put the mental health of refugees at serious risk. At time when more than 59 million people are displaced worldwideㅡthe highest on record according to UN reportsㅡless than half of those individuals have received refugee status. Based on data from the United Nations refugee agency, around 3 percent of the refugees coming to the U.S. are 60 years old or older.…

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  • Refugees Scenarios

    During the show, Oliver plays a video from FOX news that shows people on a train in France who are shouting “Allahuhakbar” (Last Week Tonight) which means God is great. The newscaster says she’s not saying they’re terrorists however the caption underneath contradicts her statement when it says “Terrorists Inbound?” (Last Week Tonight).…

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  • Political Refugees In Syria

    Political Refugees of Syria The worst migration crises of the generation has swept through Europe. Unwilling to prevent civil war in the neighboring country Syria hundreds of thousands of Syrians flood Europe. Europe is unprepared and overwhelmed by number of refugees from surrounding poor countries and Syrians fleeing war. Migrant crises is nothing new to The United States and its southern states being discussed in, “America Is Committed to take more Syrian Refugees, According to John…

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  • George Perec Character Analysis Essay

    George Perec was often called the greatest innovator of form of his generation. His best-selling novel Les Choses: une histoire des années soixante is centered around the lives of Jérôme and Sylvie, who are disillusioned students that dropped out and acquired positions in the field of opinion polling and market research. Perec was a French novelist, filmmaker, documentalist, essayist, and member of the Oulipo group, a loose gathering of French writers and mathematicians that used constrained…

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  • The Necklace Setting

    In the short story “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant, Mathilde Loisel, a lovely woman told her husband that she needed jewellery for the ball. Her husband had a marvellous idea, he said to go ask Madame Forestier, her friend, to lend her jewellery because she was rich. Guy de Maupassant uses plot, setting and character to show the reader the theme that you should appreciate what you have. The first way Guy de Maupassant shows the theme is through saying that Mathilde Loisel is sad and poor,…

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  • An Essay On Syrian Refugees

    Ever wondered what it is that is really happening to the Syrian people that is causing them so much grief as we see in the news? It is more than just bombs being dropped in the country of Syria, killing thousands of people. Even though many citizens are dying in Syria due to the war, a lot of them still remain there with almost no health assistance, food resources, and no education for the children because they are not given a place for safety resettlement. In the news, we only see that these…

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  • French Language Class

    University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of French and Italian College of Letters and Science Many people say that I am a member of the generation X, born just before the war, in a country that was right in the process of falling apart. Not long after I first saw the light of day, my country has changed several times its name, its anthem, geographical layout and national identity. I was waiting in line in the arms of my mother to get some milk, I have survived an awful authoritarian regime,…

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  • Violence And Corruption In The Middle East

    The ongoing violence and corruption in the Middle East Mostly from the Syrian civil war has resulted in 200,000 innocent people lives and has encouraged thousands of people to flee their country in search of protection and peace. Most refugees flee from Syria and Afghanistan to European countries that sometimes welcomes them, but other times they are horribly mistreated. How they are treated usually depends on what country they arrive in, what the countries government can afford to provide for…

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