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  • The War Of 1971 And The Indo-Pakistan War

    Pakistani forces surrendered to the joint effort of the Indian and Bangladeshi forces. Following this short, yet intense war the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh was created. Although this was short-lived it involved the highest number of casualties in any Indo-Pakistan war to this point as well as a large number of prisoners of…

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  • The Importance Of The European Security Strategy

    The European Security Strategy (ESS) objectives were tailored according to Europe’s dominant religious teaching, Christianity, that their group of nations is divinely ordained by God and is therefore the correct standard by which all other nations should live and by their low-context ideals of time and progress that shape their society and economy. Historic religious ideals dating back prior to the 1500s are still highly valued in the creation of many nations in the European Union (EU) and…

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  • Importance Of Germany's Role In The European Union

    Date: Germany’s Role and Importance in Today’s European Union The European Union (EU) formerly known as European Economic Community (EEC) or European Community (EC), it consists of Independent nations based in the European Communities. EU goal is to enhance economic, political and social co-operation between the states. After the Second World War an idea to avoid future conflicts between the European countries. The brilliant idea was for the countries to trade with…

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  • Celtic Tiger Case Study

    time when many investors, mainly from the tech sector, flocked to Ireland due to their favorable tax rates of 12.5%, which was 10-15% lower than many other European countries. Another favorable attribute is the fact that they are an English speaking country. With the recent events of Brexit, they are the only English speaking country in European Union. This is an interesting time in Ireland 's history to see if this brings on the next large economic boom or halts growth due to issues around…

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  • The Transatlantic Trade And Investment Partnership

    Policy Memorandum To : Bernd Lange, the Chairman of European Parliament Committee on International Trade From : Kyu Hyeon Kim, a freshman of New York University Subject : The European Union and The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership [Introduction to TTIP] The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a FTA between United States of America(US) and European Union (EU). The TTIP mainly discusses the market access, regulatory convergence, and rules in order to maximize…

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  • The Impact Of Climate Change In The European Union

    European Union is recognized as one of the leaders in implementing new environmental policies and instruments for them. The targets of the EU are often ones of the most ambitious in the world. Adaptation strategies are developing continuously to strengthen the resilience of Europe. However, for the EU member states it is not an easy task to collaborate in dealing with environmental issues, since their recourses and targets differ. For instance, in October 2014 The EU leaders agreed on greenhouse…

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  • How We Survived Communism And Even Laughed Analysis

    struggle of Eastern European citizens, specifically women in the fight to end communism. Slavenka Drakulić was a Croatian journalist who travelled through various countries such as Yugoslavia, Poland, Czechoslovakia East Germany, and Bulgaria, spending time with women and listening to their life stories, cooking with them, drinking coffee, and talking with their families. Communism reformed the Easter Europeans mindsets, it deprived them of hope, of knowledge in the Western European countries.…

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  • Roche Case Study

    This partnership is a high standard trade and investment agreement being negotiated between the United States and the European Union. This partnership will provide the U.S. increased access to European markets for goods and services which in turn will have an effect on increasing the competitiveness of the United States. This agreement however can either have a positive or negative effect on the Swiss economy…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Supranationalism

    Groups such as the European union (EU) and to a lesser extend those such as the African Union, Association of Southeast Asian Nations and Caribbean Community are all organizations that exist as either a supranationalist or quasi supranationalist organization. Each of these organizations experiences both positive benefits to the agreements between their nations and selective pressures against them. While there may be unforeseen benefits to the creation of one world wide supranationalist super…

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  • Economic Impact Of The European Union

    The European Union is an economic, social, and political union of 28 nations in Europe. Created in the aftermath of the Second World War, a union of European states was sought out and was believed to be the solution to the endless bloodshed that, fueled by the nationalist rivalries between its neighbors, had been ravaging the continent for more than a thousand years. Today, with the institution of the Treaties of Rome and Maastricht, the European Union uses the powers it has acquired from its…

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