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  • Ethno-Cultural Concept Of American Identity

    this concept European identity can be developed in the same way as it was in the case of national identities, through common heritage, culture, tradition, language, myths and symbols. Furthermore Smith argues that there is a European "family of cultures" made up of samples of certain cultural heritage and historical traditions. Final step is to transform this "family" into self-sustained European identity, which is not rationally constructed and unexpected. Some channels might be European mass…

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  • The European Refugee Crisis

    brutalities that the war between different actors has caused. This paper will use a constructivist theory to help us make sense of the reasons for Europe’s inability to provide an efficient united response to the refugee crisis. Primarily, because the European…

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  • Arguments Against Human Trafficking

    The United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU), and the European Council have implemented many international documents; these have established a way to incriminate human trafficking crime. (Cochintu, Stoicu, & Tutunaru, 2011). Currently, the United Nations (UN) has numerous regional programs and…

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  • Human Trafficking Thesis

    Emphasis on Human Trafficking in the US Human trafficking is often the term used when talking about modern day slavery, the third largest global criminal enterprise (Tully,1). Around the word there are over 20 million people being trafficked, with the average age being 13. Slavery was made illegal during the civil war era, when the emancipation proclamation was signed in 1863, and America has been working it’s way to a better future by putting this time in the past. The fact is, although slavery…

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  • Andrew Bacevich Argument Analysis

    The debate that surrounds a question as important as to whether or not America is a declining power is one that takes some questioning the definition of power in order to answer. Andrew Bacevich believes that due to Americans pursuing freedom, they have found themselves saddled in debt and striving to impress one another. This pursuit has caused the American people to seek glory and power instead of true freedom. On the other hand, Fareed Zakaria has seen first hand what it is like to grow up in…

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  • Bovine Supplements: A Case Study

    The European Union was concerned about beef from cattle that have been given growth hormones because it might lead to health problems if human consume it. Scientists used hormones to increase the growth rate of livestock, reduce fat, and increase milk production. Bovine somatotropin (BST), a hormone produced in cattle, was synthesized by biotechnology firm Genetech. The injections of BST increased the hormone production and growth rate of animals. This became popular among farmers because it cut…

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  • European Union Persuasive Essay

    The European Union is one of the more perplexing creations that emerged from the aftermath of World War II. This is due to the fact that the EU developed as the natural result of an economic project rather than from deliberate intent to construct a “United States of Europe.” European leaders were focused on establishing the euro system, which was a “generations-long effort to bring peace, democracy and shared prosperity to a once and frequently war-torn continent…[an integrated economy] would…

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  • German Wine Case Study

    QUESTION 2 Maurice is a fresh wine producer who sells his wine to other EU states. He was charged an inspection fee introduced by the UK government requiring the testing of the strengths of imported wines. He objected to the payment of the fee. He also sold some of his wine to a buyer in Denmark where he was charged for storage and inspection. He also imported his wine into Germany where the authorities charged his wine a tax that was ten percent higher than German wines of the same strength.…

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  • Open Door Policy Essay

    Africa. This adds up to almost 3,000,000 migrants: those who are genuine refugees and those who are pretending to be refugees. All of these people are attempting to reach the shores of Europe. This is a controversial issue and one that has challenged European morality and responsibility to a level that has rarely been seen. There has been no single solution to this crisis and this is largely because of the range of reaction from different countries from the open door policies to closing the…

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  • European Union Pros And Cons

    the UK left the European Union and this was led by many factors which some argue, aggravated throughout the years. The referendum had a purpose to give the UK citizens the option to vote according to their willingness to stay in the EU compared to the issues they were facing. By cause of the wide international repercussion the referendum had, it will be analysed what led the UK to leave the European Union and evaluate the pros and cons such decision had in the country. The European Union has…

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