Indictable offence

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  • Drug Smuggling Case Study

    Drug smuggling is an offence when an individual transports drugs from one country to another. A man named Olaf Dietrich smuggled at least 70 grams of Heroin packed in condoms which he had swallowed. On the 17th of December 1986, Dietrich flew into Melbourne airport from Thailand and got arrested by the Australian federal police the next morning, when the police found one of the condoms in the kitchen, and some heroin in a plastic bag under a rug in another room. Dietrich went to the high court…

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  • Analysis Of R V Askov

    In past 30 years Canadian courts are struggling with the Charter’s emphasis under section 11(b) that “any person charged with an offence has the right to be tried within a reasonable time”. There has been still not any clarity what is “reasonable time” despite courts has described some factors to determine it. The most important case with reference to reasonableness was R v Askov (1990), where the Supreme Court held (9-0) that accused rights have been violated under section 11 (b) of the Charter…

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  • Abortion In Mexico

    In today’s society abortion has become a major topic of discussion and division around the world. It seems as though abortion has always been a point of contention in states. It is true that states around the world have varying ideas and opinions on how things should be done and so it should not be a surprise that abortion is no exception, but the question is why do abortion laws in states around the world vary so widely. One can analyze why abortion is legal in some states and not others by…

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  • Farquharson's Case Study

    trial, however when it involves the credibility of a witness and their testimony it runs the risk of an unfair trial considerably (Macfarlane, 2006). Likewise in this case, the prosecution failed to disclose prior to the verdict that Mr King had indictable offence charges pending and police had agreed to delay charges until after the trail. According to the R v Farquharson (no44) (2009) Mr King claimed Farquharson had told him he would, “Kill them”, that “There’d be an accident where I survive…

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  • Consequences Of Demand In Custody

    Recently, there has been a trend in keeping people who are accused in remands. The accused are more likely to be denied bail. It is a form of keeping our community safe from the accused. However, may not be beneficial for the person being accused. Many of us may think that keeping people who have committed crimes in remand is good and that our community is becoming a better place to leave in. But most crimes that arouse police officers are pity crimes. Nonetheless, they are still crimes. Yet,…

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  • Disadvantages Of A Jury Essay

    Juries are predominately involved with criminal cases that involve indictable offences. Juries usually consist of 12 jurors, these 12 people are handed the authority to make decisions that will ultimately affect the results of the case. In a criminal trial process the judge instructs the jury on the points on the case that they must decide upon and prove true or false. The role of the jury then, is to decide the facts on the case. They decide what evidence proves itself beyond reasonable doubt…

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  • Russell Williams Thesis

    with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of sexual assault that happened in Tweed in September. Russell was later charged with 82 more offences. Here’s the breakdown, 11 counts of attempted breaking and entering, 61 counts of breaking and entering and theft and 10 counts of breaking and entering with intent to commit an indictable offence. Experts say Russell Williams is a ‘paraphilic’ (AKA a sexual deviant), they are often ‘turned on’ by hyper-dominance, sexual coercion and rape.…

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  • Euthanasia In Canada

    illegalize euthanasia in Canada. Under section 241 of The Criminal Code, it is a felony to assist with suicide despite the fact that suicide is not an offence. The Criminal Code states, “241. Everyone who: a) Counsels a person to commit suicide, or b) aids or abets a person to commit suicide, whether suicide ensues or not, is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years.” An opposing point against this argument would be that euthanasia offers…

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  • Legal Adjudication Case Study

    Q.1. Give a brief description on the types of legal adjudication in practice through the world. ANSWER The legal adjudication in practice throughout the world is Court based settlements and Non Court based settlements. It also can be said Formal control mechanism and Informal control mechanism. Formal control mechanism is guide that helps to resolve the problems that may occur in the society and discourage those who are willing to disrupt the peace of the society Informal control mechanism is…

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  • John Stuart Mill On Freedom Of Speech

    Freedom of speech is an issue that transcends time. In a recent and controversial case, Maclean’s magazine was accused of publishing hateful and Islamophobic content that, (from the complainant’s point of view) allowed for no opportunity to be countered. There are parallels between John Stuart Mill’s work On liberty and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms enacted by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau on what boundaries to place on such a precious liberty. Both generally conclude that a…

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