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  • The Importance Of Adult Sentencing

    I am writing to endorse an amendment to the Youth Criminal Justice Act and Bill C-10. Youth that have committed violent crimes are dangerous and should be held accountable. The system in place is already lenient with minor offences and offers many chances at rehabilitation. Most importantly, violent crimes deserve adult sentencing. I would like to endorse the aspect of the Bill that states adult sentences can be imposed on young people over 14 years of age. One reason for my approval of this…

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  • Adjournment In The Case Of Olaf Dietrich's Flight From Australia

    In the judgement of Mason CJ and McHugh J, it was said that a “ trial judge who is faced with an application for an adjournment or a stay by an indigent accused charged with a serious offence [...] the trial in such a case should be adjourned, postponed or stayed until legal representation is available. The judgement also stated that “an accused has the right to a fair trial and that, depending on all the circumstances of the particular…

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  • The Case Of Hugh Rich

    Hugh Rich, born Olaf Dietrich, was intelligent, handsome and charming, but was flawed with a detrimental down side. A ferocious man, who has been imprisoned by his wild ego, is described by police as having “intelligence without wisdom and brains without judgement”. He had the world at his fingertips, and the ability to achieve great success. Instead he chose to become a career criminal, and took a lethal road. Born in a German refugee camp in 1952 Dietrich came to Australia with his parents…

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  • Olaf Dietrich: Case Study

    details: 1 The individual or group that had their rights infringed—who were they? Olaf Dietrich had his rights infringed. 2 Which right(s) was infringed? How was the right(s) infringed? Olaf Dietrich was accused of a number of drug-related offences. He was unable to afford legal representation and was made to go to trial without counsel. Dietrich had applied to the Legal Aid Commission of Victoria, who rejected his claim on the grounds that he was not willing to plead guilty to the…

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  • R V. Andrews Case Study

    guilty and the defence that was used was an alibi. The Defence of an Alibi An alibi is a defence that is raised by the defence counsel and the accused, that demonstrates that the accused was not present at the crime scene at time that the illegal offence occurred. If an alibi is raised, as a defence then the burden of proof is on the crown and not the accused, to demonstrate that the accused was indeed present at the crime scene, when the crime took place. If the crown can not prove that…

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  • The Wolf And The Seven Young Kids Analysis

    In the story The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids, the two main offenders are the goat mother and the wolf. The story is about a goat mother who leaves her seven young kids at home, despite there being a wolf on the loose who is dangerous, the mother leaves her kids home alone (Child Abandonment, 218). But, sure enough, the wolf finds a way to get into the house. The wolf tricked the kids by putting dough and flour on his hands (Threatening the miller, 264) Once the wolf got into the house, he ate…

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  • Why Do Gangs Increase Gang Violence?

    Twenty year-old Manitoba native David Michael Vincett was gunned down at around three in the morning on September 25th, 2011 during a gang related shooting. According to the Winnipeg police, Vincett didn’t have any gang affiliation to their knowledge, but the shooter who will remain nameless due to the Youth Criminal Justice Act was supposedly tied to the Indian Posse. The Indian Posse is one of the largest street gangs in Canada, reportedly claiming over 12,000 members. It was stated in the…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Gun Control In Canada

    S.95(2) is a hybrid scheme, where the crown chooses the mode of prosecution. if the crown proceeds the case summarily, the maximum sentence is one year, but if the crown proceeds the case by indictment, the mandatory minimum sentence for a first offence is 3 years, thus creating a Two-year sentence gap. In this case, the crown chose to proceed by indictment. The defence believed the three year mandatory minimum sentence would be grossly disproportionate to what the accused deserved and it…

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  • R V Gonzales Case Study

    life imprisonment, meaning he will remain there for the term of his natural life. This will ensure a dangerous multiple killer, never has a chance to kill again outside of gaol and serves as an example to others who may consider committing a similar offence. This sentence may also serve as some reassurance to remaining family victims and the general community that this crime is considered abhorrent by the state and that justice has been served. The R v. Gonzales case is a lucid example of the…

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  • History Of The Jury System

    Throughout the centuries, the jury came to function as a check on the power of the state It eventually represents the right to be tried in serious case in one’s peer During the 19th century, the right to be tried by judge and jury in Canada for indictable offences…

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