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  • Fortunate Life In My Life

    I lived a very fortunate life. My life was not perfect, but there wasn’t much I had to worry about. Tragedy had never entered before. All of that changed when I was informed of horrifying news one January afternoon. There are two days that I can recall perfectly. The first one was the day my granny had a stroke. The second was the day she passed away. I was in physical therapy with my mom for my back. She got a phone call and I knew the second she answered it something was not right. She…

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  • Analysis Of The Poem ' The Night '

    Patrick hated sleeping. It wasn 't because he couldn 't sleep. It wasn 't because he had nightmares. It wasn 't even because he was wasting time not making music. It was because of his boyfriend, Pete. Ever since Pete and Patrick moved in together, Pete had been taking trips out in the middle of the night. At first Patrick had thought it was because Pete needed to go to the bathroom; so he went back to sleep. However, one night, Patrick decided to stay awake longer when Pete was up. Patrick…

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  • School: One Of The Worst Places For Me To Be?

    School is one of the worst places for me to be. It 's a place full of strangers and stress. Teachers throw all of this work at you, and each of them expect you to have it done. But they never stop to think about the individual. They don 't think about what 's going on with their students and whether or not they are capable of doing the work. Yes, you may be physically capable of it, but no one cares if you 're mentally capable. cafe People don 't care how you 're really doing. They may ask but…

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  • Personal Narrative: Heavenly, Stop Kick My Chair Please

    Unexpected "Heavenly, stop kicking my chair please." I continued to kick his chair because I was three and three year olds rarely follow directions the first time given. Heavenly-Diamond Kapri Bynum "STOP KICKING MY SEAT." He turned around and gave me the look that let me know that there was about to be some trouble if I didn’t stop. "Yes sir." At a young age I had to learn that kicking the back of the seat while dad was sitting in the front wasn’t the best idea. I was little, so kicking…

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  • How To Write A Narrative Essay

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Cindy, I first met you in grade 9 French class. I still remember sitting one row behind you. The first interaction we had was probably when we were doing a French activity where we were supposed to meet someone and find out more about them. I was using a pen at the time and somehow managed to spell your name wrong, so I crossed it out, scribbling messily around my paper. As time passed, I was miserably failing my tests, while you were pretty much getting perfect on each one. I…

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  • Happiest Moment Of Your Mother Essay

    Some of the happiest moments of your mother and I lives were when we brought each one of you home from the hospital. That great feeling and joy can never be measured or really explained, you must experience it for yourself. And maybe that will occur one day for each of you. But, before that day occurs, you must be well prepared mentally, emotionally and financially fit. This led me to this transparent communication to each one of you. I write this letter because speaking directly has become…

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  • Narrative Essay: The Day Of Valentine's Day 2016

    The day had finally come: Valentine 's Day 2016. On this day, I had no plans, no previous engagements, and for the first time in weeks, I had a weekend all to myself. With all this newfound free time on my hands, I decided I would do the unthinkable. I would do something so drastic, so unheard-of in this society, that I might even become a local legend. I decided I would help people for free, in the form of shoveling their driveways free of snow. It had snowed all morning on the Sunday of…

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  • Short Story: Beyond Silence

    JAYVEE B.DANCALAN BSE-4A2 Beyond Silence “My Silence is just another word for my pain”. If you’ve never been in this kind of life, I’m so sure you’ll never understand what I am feeling right now. So, if you’re just about to judge me and the way I am, I’m telling you earlier, drop this story and do not read the next statements. And to those who wears this kind of shoe, for those who’ve been through this life and for those who’s fascinated…

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  • Personal Narrative: Memories Of A Lifetime

    Memories of a Lifetime All it took was five seconds. Five short seconds to watch my life flash before my eyes. As I saw that teen lying on that stretcher, that eventually turned into her deathbed, my own life flashed before my eyes. As the nurse opened the door to take the medications needed I saw one of the most gruesome scenes in my entire life. A teen laying on a stretcher hanging on to her life with all the strength she had. She had just been in a head on collision while she was driving to…

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  • Creative Writing On Boyfriend

    Breathless It’s the beginning of fall here in the Big Apple, a time of year that brings out both senses of calm and crazy. The apartment I share with my boyfriend is dark and cool, the only light is from the moon as it seeps its feathery blue rays through the curtains. My body is cocooned in the warm covers all alone as I try and keep myself warm without the usual body heat my boyfriend provides. I toss and turn before finally settling on a position and letting sleep envelope me. I don’t know…

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