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  • Narrative Essay On My First Day In High School

    On January 16,2009, I got called down to the office saying it was an emergency and I needed to gather my things and come downstairs. When I got downstairs there stood my older brother, Tyrel, and my auntie. I asked what’s going on because I nor my brother never really got ann early dismissal because my mother wanted us to get the best education. Walking to the car they had told me that my mom is in the hospital. At the time, I was really worried because she love fine this morning and never had…

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  • Monologue Of Alex And Greaser

    He flicks the lighter and cups his hand around the cig as he lights it. Shaking the heat off his hand, he puffs a cloud of smoke into the air. I'm sorry, did I forget to mention the other items we still have? Yeah, thank god we didn't lose Al's precious cigarettes and lighter. So fuck, we’re back to this now? Douchebag, heavy-smoking, slick rockstar Alex. That’s too bad, I quite liked rational, empathetic, charming Alex. Wow. Wow, Cloey. Why am I so foolish? A couple sentimental sentences…

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  • A Short Story: Like What's Your Zodiac Sign?

    As I walked to my friend, Kelcies ', restaurant I look inside and saw that only a few people were dining in. I walked to the entrance and pulled the handle but to my disappointment it was locked. I notice Kelcie at her station. I do my best by waving my arms to try and get her attention as well tapping on the window, unfortunately I fail to do so, as I watch her disappear to the back of the restaurant. With a sigh I sit on the curb hoping it won 't take to long for her to finish cleaning. It had…

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  • John Sinnett: Video Analysis

    I really enjoyed watching the video. The purpose of John Sinnett 's was that he wanted his students to see that he was engaged just as the students were. From the video, we can see that John is very passionate about his kindergarten students. During his lesson, he gets down on the carpet on the same level as his student to make them feel engaged. This is something that is very important because students are so to teachers telling what to do. However, John decided to structure his class…

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  • Consumed By Darkness: A Short Story

    Consumed by Darkness “You know, I want to burn your face off, so that no one else can see your beauty.” He said completely straight faced. It was one of those times that you knew he wasn’t joking and that scared me. The first time I ever noticed him, was the day he walked up to me when I was working at my high school’s pool as a Lifeguard. He had been in swimming that whole evening during my shift and I didn’t really think much of it. At some point, he had hopped out the pool and took a seat…

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  • Narrative Essay On Aliens

    I 've always known that aliens are real. I mean, the universe is way too big to only have life on one planet. There 's so many planets and galaxies out there in our universe and the people of Earth are the only ones in it? I don 't think so. I never get confirmation of aliens, however, until I meet Micah Prescott. We meet about a few weeks before I get proof of aliens. He 's the new kid in school, and as cliché as it is, he doesn 't make a whole lot of friends. Until he meets me, that is. I…

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  • Short Story: Honey I M Home?

    dinner soon? You haven 't eaten much, have you?" He asked. I frowned. "If you want to." "I 'm going to make you some hot chocolate" he said, getting up. I paused the Kardashians to get up and follow him into the kitchen, sitting on one of the stools at the counter. "You didn 't have to come, babe" he said. I shrugged. "I wanted to be with you." He smiled at me and started making some hot chocolate on the stove. He set a mug down on the counter in front of me when he was finished making it. I…

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  • Interduction Monologue

    2 Pip Scribbling around in the muck on your hands and knees. That 's not a good look. Xolelwa. I don 't blame myself! I blame Lebo! She sold me! It 's like it 's happening now... Where is she? Is she okay? Sphe is pregnant. Look, I know it changes things, but not between us. We 're perfectly fine. - Have some tea. - Thank you, but you really didn 't have to. I wanted to. It 's so lovely to have you back. Living in this house... full of men. No ways. I 'd like us to have dinner at…

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  • Falling In Love: A Narrative Fiction

    her eyes. "Oh, Halle... I 'm so scared of falling in love... I like him so much like I 'd never like anyone before. What I felt for Lance was nothing compare to what I 'm feeling for this guy, and I just met him... He 's brutally handsome, smoking hot... He 's a dream!... I don 't know what to do my friend, my heart is screaming to let him in, while my head is telling me to stay away." She touched my hands and advised me to do what my heart is indicating me. "Oh, Michael... Don 't be afraid to…

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  • The Importance Of Life?

    Everything is gone, emptiness is all I feel and know. The room is cold, can it just swallow me now? Never before have I hurt so badly. He is so demotic. I need air, I cannot breathe. I am suffocating. Help me! Help me! Help me? Can anyone give me some happiness? In the rusty Chevy, we drove down the street. He was talking to me about the importance of life. I was so small I had to try to actually look out the windshield. I glanced up and saw the one person I wanted to see. Brian, my mom’s…

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