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  • Public Company: Reebok US

    Reebok India Reebok international ltd is a public company. It was incorporated in 1979 as Reebok U.S.A. It generate sales of $3064 billion in 1997.reebok stock exchange was setup in New York. Reebok was founded in 1895 by j.w foster and sons in Bolton Lancashire, England. Then it was renamed as Reebok in 1958. It has been operating as a subsidiary of Adidas since 2005. Product line Reebok is an athletic footwear company. It produces and distributes fitness and sports items including. The…

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  • Stakeholder Theory On The Case Of MUL And SMC Corporation

    The first part of the analysis focuses on the application of the Stakeholder theory on the case of MUL and SMC Corporation and at the end it leads towards the role of Japanese FDI and the impact on infrastructure development. As mentioned in Chapter 2 business is simply about how various stakeholders interact and create value. To understand a business and the relation between the firm and its stakeholders it is very important to recognize how each stakeholder is allied with the firm. The key…

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  • Bc Earthquake Case Study

    sharing real time information to decide next course of actions: Exercise Definition a. Objective: Exercise staff notification procedures contained in BC Plan(s) b. Type of exercise: Earthquake scenario exercise c. Scenario Description: Earthquake in Gurgaon during working hour d. Scope and Scale(Active/Passive-degree of involvement): Active e. First notification: Earthquake in Delhi NCR during working hour. Time: 2PM Day : XXX Weather: 3ºC…

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  • Paper On Infertility

    Infertility is defined as the incapability of a female to conceive or a couple to bear a kid after a year of repeated sexual intercourse without using any birth control. Infertility is often the toughest problem encountered by lots of individuals after marriage. Many couples in the present age are grief-stricken by infertility complications. Infertility problems can get outlined to that of a woman, as males also become a prey to infertility. As when couples start to doubt about infertility…

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  • Orthodontics

    For any parent whose child doesn't have impeccably aligned teeth, which regrettably is many of us, the dilemma of whether or not to get braces treatment in Gurgaon might be a tough one. Determining when to get them is generally the following question. After that decision is made, the solutions might be baffling. There are some recommendations which will help you to make these types of selections. The American Academy of Orthodontics (AAO) advises that children get an orthodontics consultation…

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  • Shreya Chadha Research Paper

    Shreya Chadha: Professional Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist “Every woman is beautiful with or without makeup. Makeup enhances your features to bring the best in you and boost your confidence.” Shreya Chadha is a young, ardent and extremely amiable make-up artist, who has the expertise and eye on how to apply makeup for marriages, photo-shoots, events and other special occasions. With her innate talent and creative ability, she empowers women to move forward beautifully in both personal and…

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  • Country Club Case Study

    1. COUNTRY CLUB: Established in 1989, the Country Club is a pioneer in the concept of offering 360° leisure hospitality membership services in India. A full range of Country Club specialty services include member exclusive clubbing hubs, splendid holiday destinations, trendy fitness centers and star-studded entertainment events. The Country Club has over 50 ownership clubs, resorts and hotels in India, Middle East, Bangkok and Sri Lanka. Also, it offers over 20 member exclusive fitness centers…

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  • Tupperware Case Study

    implications by Akash Khatri 14PGHR05 Management Development Institute Gurgaon 122 007 May, 2015 1) Understanding the HR systems and processes in Tupperware and designing an HR dashboard with commonly used KPIs by Akash Khatri Under the guidance of Shalini Adhaar Director HR Tupperware India Management Development Institute Gurgaon 122 007 May, 2015 Introduction to the company Of the many benefits ushered in by…

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  • Harley Davidson Essay

    Harley Davidson’s goal is to make the Harley Davidson culture an integrated part of the youth culture in India as said by Sanjay Tripathi, The Marketing Director. The company has 15 dealership facilities across India: New Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Indore, Pune, Goa, Jaipur and Navi Mumbai. Harley Rock Riders and Harley Owners Group (HOG) are part of the lifestyle marketing done by Harley Davidson. Digital media is also a part…

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  • Real Life Case Study Of Gamexs India

    in this condition. Ravi didn’t knew about the package that if it was broken then it must not be received. Later on Abhishek decided to call one of the employee in FedEx and discuss regarding the issue. After speaking to Sagar who is the manager at Gurgaon FedEx branch he told to drop a mail at company’s support mail address regarding the issue. On the same day Abhishek has sent an email to the company regarding the package issue and also mentioned the full claim value. In the meanwhile Nikhil…

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