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  • The White Tiger Literary Analysis

    MAJOR THEMES IN THE NOVEL Individualism The white tiger symbolizes power and majesty in East Asian societies, for example, in China and Japan. It is likewise an image for independence and uniqueness. Balram is seen as not quite the same as those he grew up with. He is the person who escaped the "Murkiness" and discovered his way into the "Light". All through the book, there are references to how Balram is altogether different from those back in his home surroundings. He is alluded to as the…

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  • Hotel Industry Essay

    where the earliest inns were homes with rooms provided for travelers. Conditions improved in 1700s England when the renaissance sparked the desire to travel. The United States saw its hotel industry created a century later. By this time they had revolutionized many firsts in the industry including private rooms with locks and doors, free soap, a trained staff, and a pitcher of water in each room. Indoor plumbing and the creation of the lobby followed shortly thereafter. The business of providing…

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  • SAP Finance: Deloitte Consulting USI Pvt. Ltd.

    The project ‘SAP Finance: Blogging’ was conducted for Deloitte Consulting USI Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. SAP Package Technologies, one of the verticals, required an employee friendly platform to share and upgrade knowledge on SAP Finance. The project required me to develop and document communication platform for the SAP FICO team to exchange news & developments in SAP Finance. The development required adhering to Deloitte’s regulations and rules that protect…

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  • Rental Ethno: Theories And The Socialization Of Young Children

    rental Ethno-theories And the Socialization of the young children Parental Ethno – theories are cultural modules that parents hold regarding children, families, and themselves as parents. The term "cultural model," drawn from cognitive anthropology, Indicate an organized set of ideas that are shared by members of a cultural group (D'Andrade & Strauss, 1992; Quinn & Holland, 1987). Parents used to have set of ideas and understanding about the nature of children, the structure of development…

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  • What Are The Different Verticals Of Deloitte

    vii LIST OF TABLES S No Title Page No Table 1.1: Employee Count of Deloitte India Table 4.1 Fixed pay components Table 4.2: Breakup for Mediclaim LIST OF CHARTS S No Title Page No Chart 1.1 Hierarchy in Deloitte HRD Chart 1.2 Different verticals of Deloitte ix ABSTRACT Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India is one of the DTTL member firms in India, which operates through 13 offices in India. Deloitte is…

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  • Yatra Case Study

    pricing, availability, and booking facility for domestic and international air travel, hotel bookings, holiday packages and bus and railway reservations. We offer a host of travel services designed to make business and leisure travel easier. Based in Gurgaon, India, is a one-stop-shop for all travel-related services. A leading consolidator of travel products, provides reservation facility for more than 12,000 hotels in India and over 400,000 hotels around the world. Through…

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  • Comparison Analysis: Samsung Vs. Micromax

    Samsung versus Micromax Title of the Research: Samsung versus Micromax. Introduction: Background: This study is conducted to understand the comparison between Samsung versus Micromax and to understand the leading for the growth and differences in the policies that differentiate one from the other. As this covered a wide range of study so to study this topic and to conduct this survey we use different channels of survey like online polling or survey of the people to better understand the…

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  • Bharat Petroleum Case Study

    Program & Batch: PGDM 2014-16 Term: Term V Course Name: Sales Management Name of the faculty: Dr. S. R. Singhvi Topic/ Title : Individual Assignment – STMO Study: Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. Original or Revised Write-up: Original Group Number: Group 15 Contact No. and email of Group Coordinator: +91 9910313727 Group Members: Sl. Roll No. Name 1 140103039 Atin Mehra INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT – BHARAT PETROLEUM CORPORATION LIMITED (LUBRICANTS BUSINESS)…

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  • Kingfisher Airlines Case Study

    Employee shortage: There is clearly a shortage of trained and skilled manpower in the aviation sector as a consequence of which there is cut-throat competition for employees which, in turn, is driving wages to unsustainable levels. Moreover, the industry is unable to retain talented employees. 2. Regional connectivity: One of the biggest challenges facing the aviation sector in India is to be able to provide regional connectivity. What is hampering the growth of regional connectivity is…

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